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Growing Up

  • The Losing Of Leaves

    The trees are becoming bare outlines, their leaves scattered on the ground. Their processes become smaller. So have mine. My life has shrunk, this year. Dwindled, really into something much smaller than it once was. In my younger days, I…

    Growing Up
    / November 26, 2017
  • On Sight: My Story and Battling Blindness

    I remember being told not to look at the sun or I would damage my eyes. There was one bright summers day where I cartwheeled to the ground, opened my eyes, and saw it directly. I got my first pair…

    Growing Up
    / October 12, 2017
  • The Roses Never Need To Change

    The roses in Regents Park never change. They bloom the same time every year, exist in the same shaped beds, the same patterns and hues. If you study them every year, you may notice slight differences in the day the…

    Growing Up, London
    / October 8, 2017