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  • punish a muslim day letter

    It’s #PunishAMuslimDay tomorrow.

    #PunishAMuslimDay I see you. “Hang on, Laila, what? You’re kidding. That’s not a thing and you’ve made some outlandish hashtag for clickbait.” Alas, no, it is genuinely #PunishAMuslimDay tomorrow. You may not have heard about it. But that is a…

    Politics & Activism
    / April 2, 2018
  • going green eco-living vegan slow fashion cruelty free uk blog london

    Going Green: An Introduction

    Previously I’ve discussed how as well as being vegan I shop locally, supporting local businesses. It’s been a whopping four years since I last addressed my buying habits on this blog! These days veganism and eco-living have become much more mainstream…

    Politics & Activism, Vegan
    / April 27, 2017
  • Brexit Day

    Today is Brexit Day. Theresa May will formally trigger Article 50, and the UK will leave the EU. Just writing the words makes me sigh. It’s hard not to feel confused, let down, bitter and upset. I remember when the…

    Lifestyle, Politics & Activism
    / March 29, 2017
  • What It’s Like Being A Woman

    I’ve blogged before about my weariness navigating a white-washed world. Today I write about another part of my identity: being a woman. Being a woman weighs upon my life in a similar way not being white does; relentlessly, constantly, invisibly….

    Politics & Activism, Race & Identity
    / March 8, 2017
  • Easy Ways To Increase Your Activism

    Feeling helpless over the state of the world? Terrified on behalf of others and no idea how to help? Losing sleep trying to catch up with everything that’s going on? Me too! Read on! Here’s a few suggestions of easy,…

    Politics & Activism
    / February 1, 2017