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    something entirely new

    People talk about love and relationships as though you fall in one and get comfortable; as though it grows over time; as though it starts small and you cultivate it; like a well-sown seed, or a symphony starting from a single note, and all those other lovely metaphors. But I have little knowledge of this. My experience of relationships (and I mean the ones involving love, not all those other series of interactions) is a single active choice; everyday you have to answer with the same refrain and accept what it means in the present tense. I will be with you. Today that means one thing, and tomorrow it will mean something else. I will be with you. Love was a ton of bricks through the roof that crushed me as I slept. I tried to work around it, ignore it, but eventually you have to accept what has happened and try to build anew. Either way there will always be a hole where the roof once was. It is a lot like grief that way, a parallel I hear nobody make, though it’s true. Continue reading


    Jigokudani Snow Monkey Onsen Park


    Welcome to Jigokudani Onsen in the Japanese alps, home to these wonderful primates! I’m so excited to share these photos with you. Prior to visiting Japan, I had looked around for “season-specific” events and festivals. Visiting the snow monkeys (technically not monkeys btw, but Japanese macaques) was top of that list! The macaques spend the cold Winter season hanging out in this onsen.

    Let’s back up a minute – onsen are Japanese hot springs which form natural baths, and the Japanese love them for their relaxation and purported healing qualities. Using an onsen is quite a tradition, and there are many onsen towns dotted around the country (especially in the Japanese alps).  I actually visited my first one on this day. It was quite an experience to see macaques in the day hanging out in a hot spring, and then a few hours later find myself in a similar position sat in an outdoor hot spring and watching the snow fall! Continue reading


    How I Plan Big Trips

    Let’s Go Away For A While

    Today we are going to look at how planning a big trip! I go away about 3 times a year for leisure (more if we include work) and the number one reason I’m able to afford to do this is forward planning. For me, travel is a big luxury and one I work very hard to be able to do. Before we get into it, I want to just be clear on what I mean about a “big trip” as that’s hardly a scientific term!

    Obviously, there’s lots of different types of travel; travel with friends, romantic getaways, press trips, going somewhere for/with work, family holidays, and last-minute cheapo breaks (RIP £5 Ryanair sales). And then there are my favourite kinds of adventuring: the Big Trips! Long planned out holidays to places you’ve been longing to visit! For me, a Big Trip has a few key factors: Continue reading


    Shit Vegans Are Tired Of Hearing

    Shout-out to you Veganuarians out there who are nearing the end of what has probably felt like an ENDLESS month… I hope it’s been fun and some of you might keep bits of veganism/vegetarianism going because you know what, the planet needs every little bit of help it can! One thing nobody tells you about going vegan is that you WILL be fending off people’s questions for the rest of your life. Now, I’m normally all about answering people’s Qs – if I can help you find a decent butter replacement or point you towards my fave pizza delivery place, I will.

    THAT SAID. There’s a few questions that just Get. On. Your. Nerves. For example, I first went veggie back in 2004 and since then I’ve spent approximately 34% of my waking hours talking about protein sources to middle-aged white dudes. Please just let me eat my party rings in peace, y’know? I thought I’d collect some of these more annoying shitty questions here and we can collectively let off some steam! So without further ado, let’s recap the annoying things those pesky meat-eaters like to do. Continue reading


    Following The Path That Scares You Most

    It Comes Down To One Of Two Choices

    At some point on your path, you reach a fork in the woods, or a trail in the trees, or a place where a decision is required of you. And you have the option to do what you always do, to go the way you know, to stay safe. The path where the grass is trampled down and the way is paved and the signs are clear. Or you can follow the path that scares you most. Continue reading