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    We Need To Talk


    Well. Guys, we need to talk.

    I haven’t blogged in a while because something wholly unpredictable happened. Let me recap a little. When I started this blog, it was out of frustration; I was fed up with being stuck in various situations I didn’t like in my real life and I thought starting a little online world would make that more interesting. Time carried on, life got great, and quite a few times I switched up my blog manifesto. Most recently just two months ago: I felt like my time travelling had given me real insight on not just my creative output but me as a person. I knew what my mission was. What I wanted to offer, and how I wanted to do that. And that went well. Continue reading


    The Biggest Way That Grief Changes You

    Grief changes you. I don’t think anyone who has experienced it can argue that. But how, and in what ways? Is it for the better or not? Earlier this week I thought about my dead friends, and the many ways my life has changed since experiencing such Grief. If this sounds like a particularly morbid line of thinking, well I guess it is. But if you can quantify something it’s less likely to overwhelm you and that truly is my jam.  Continue reading

    Love, Travel

    Relationships And Travelling For Work

    Let’s talk coping mechanisms for relationships that are split between two countries! This is a bit different to a long-distance relationship. What I’m talking about today is where one of you is often away and finding a balance between relationships and travelling for work. All the tips in this post are tried and tested! Both Ryan and I work freelance in industries which require us to tour or travel every now and then. Continue reading

    Growing Up, Race & Identity

    The Question Of Africa

    Africa has been a part of my consciousness since I was born. I can remember on day at school where the teacher explained the concept of the United Kingdom, accompanied by a map and four different flags. Or the day I first saw a map of Europe; “and these are all the countries!”. More maps, more flags. But Africa? There was no “and this place is called Africa!” moment accompanied by a point on a map. I just was always aware of this place; one of many vague backdrops in the vast world of My Heritage. Continue reading


    FanGirl Style: My Favourite Moomin Accessories

    So you want to wear Moomin accessories without looking like a five-year-old, right? Oh, ye adult fangirl. How do you incorporate your favourite characters into your daily style when you’re also a full-on adult? Most of us probably don’t have the option to dress in full cosplay for work, but at the same time want to incorporate our fave characters into our lewks somehow. It’s all well and good wearing a t-shirt with your favourite character on, but I like things that are a little bit more quirky, y’know?
    Continue reading