Welcome To Havana

    vintage car in cuba

    (Heads up! As you’ll be aware if you follow me on social media, I’m actually in Japan at the moment – but I trust it won’t be too jarring for you to read this post regardless.)

    Welcome to Havana

    I’m so excited to be sharing the first of many Cuba posts! Cuba has been on my dream destination list since I was a teenager. After failed attempts to visit in 2015 and 2016 with various pals, I finally made it there with Ryan in 2017. And hoo boy was it worth the wait..! Continue reading


    20 Super Easy Vegan Meal Ideas

    title card for easy vegan meals


    If there’s one kind of post I’m regularly requested for, it’s vegan recipes. Unfortunately, as regular readers will know, I bloody hate recipes. Now, I’m not saying recipes are bad – it’s more that, I personally am just not the kind of cook who gets on with them. I’ve found that understanding how ingredients interact means I can cook perfectly well without the need a recipe really (especially for stuff like sauces), which is great, because I can’t follow them for shit! This does mean that I can’t do complicated stuff like meringues or soufflé (also, not entirely sure what a soufflé *is*, or if it’s vegan), but I’m pretty confident cooking all of the below options.

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    Extreme Blog Guilt and Blogger Goals

    Oh, I KNOW this is my blog. I KNOW don’t have to apologise for what I do and don’t do with it. But here I am, feeling so dreadfully guilty about it anyway. Feeling a bit crap for being so crap with instastories (although I’m very much trying to rectify that, as you can see). And feeling a bit awful that people are spending more time than ever in the Vegan category. Because I’ve yet to publish any of the five new posts I’ve got in my drafts. And feeling so awfully, terribly guilty that so many of you are stopping by to wish me well for my trip, because whilst I normally read comments and check in with others via their blog, right now, I haven’t the foggiest what anybody’s up to.

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    There was a boy in my class whose mother was from Gibraltar and for most of the three years I sat behind him, other kids would be like “your Mum is from a shitty rock covered in monkeys!”. Like, relentlessly. I remember asking what Gibraltar was and somebody said it was just a pointless lump of dirt next to Spain. “So you’re Spanish?” I said, to the half-Gibraltan boy. “Fuck off”, said one of other classmates, whose Mum was from Madrid. “Gibraltar isn’t Spain, it’s British, isn’t it?” He glared. “It’s nothing. It’s just a stupid rock”.  Continue reading


    2018: Be Better

    Keep a jug of water next to your bed. Clear out your clothes and anything that doesn’t immediately make you say “yes I love that!”, get rid of. Make a list of ten people you’ve lost contact with and send them a short message to say hey. Hold yourself to higher standards: be better. You know you can do more, be more, achieve more. Last year you wanted to eat less meat, but then you had three wines and a kebab seemed your only true wish. We’ve all been there. This year, honour yourself. Make decisions you’ll feel proud of in a week. Buy a reusable cup, find a spot for it in your bag, and then delight in how easy it was to remember to take it out. Continue reading