Scouse: Mini-Guide to Liverpool


    (Photos above from Lucha Libre – a mexican restaurant we visited on the first night)


    Have you ever been to Liverpool? The moment I set foot on scouser soil I felt strangely at home. Whether it was just being in a busy populated city following the rural Devon villages we’d been visiting, or some vague part of my brain remembering happy primary school trips into Liverpool, I felt really happy to be back. One of my favourite people I met during university was from Liverpool. I was fondly reminded of him whilst surrounded by that distinctive accent! I spent most of my time in the Unity Theatre preparing and performing the show, but the couple of hours or so I spent wandering around I explored nearby Bold Street and their HUGE array of aesthetically charming shops.



    (exterior and interior of Claudia Pink)

    Claudia Pink was the most gorgeous array of unique necklaces, exotic earrings and dazzling brooches. It was lovely to chat to Claudia herself and find out more about the business and her design process. I made a purchase here – some gorgeous art deco-inspired earrings.



    Stellar visual merchandising from Little Red Vintage! I felt a little as though I had wandered into a fantasy, candy-coloured dressing room crossed with a Sofia Coppola film. Serious vibes! I absolutely loved these neon, translucent plastic pom-pom chandeliers.



    (exterior and interior of Bold Street Sweets)

    It’s a giant sweet shop. With old fashioned pick and mix. American sweets. Lucky Charms. Dark chocolate M’n’Ms (my personal all-time favourite sweet). Yay!!!!



    (interior and exterior of ARK)

    Apparently Ark is not a one-off Liverpool independent store but a fairly large chain with stores around the country. The fact I’d never come across it before is indicative of my own poor knowledge of the outside world (i.e. life past Zone 6). These photos were all taken in their vintage basement where I found the most amazing silver dress! I’m not sure if all the stores have a vintage section but this one was huge and laid out beautifully.




    Hendrix and coffee. What more could anybody possibly want?


    Song: The Perils Of Alchemy

    Laila perils of alchemy DEvon washing-line R&C tour touring west country family affairs pinafore
    Laila perils of alchemy family affairs dress Devon outside exterior bike shed yardsfamily affairs pinafore outside exeter devon west country laila girl tan tights white accordion pleat blouse new york

    The Perils Of Alchemy

    Saturday night saw us staying back at The Yarde Cafe in Devon. It is beautiful there! There was live music courtesy of a local musician one evening and a local audience came out to join. Just a couple of weeks ago I finished writing a song called “The Perils Of Alchemy”. I was asked to play something by both my theatrical cohorts and the owner of the venue. Talk about on the spot! I busted out the new song even though I wasn’t quite sure how it would go.

    It’s such an amazing feeling when somebody connects with something you’ve created, especially in such an unexpected and unfamiliar setting. Sunday the boys were off rehearsing, so I spent the day exploring the area (predominantly fields and woodland trials) and practising.

    family affairs pinafore outside exeter devon west country laila girl tan tights white accordion pleat blouse new yorkfamily affairs pinafore outside exeter devon west country laila girl tan tights white accordion pleat blouse new york