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  • Helsinki: Vintage & Independent Shopping Guide

    Welcome to my Helsinki vintage and independent guide! Way back when, I shared the souvenirs and treats I picked up whilst in Helsinki last year. I had planned this post to go up around then and ended up chickening out….

    / February 22, 2017
  • A Moomin Christmas

    I’ve written many times before about my love for the Moomin characters, their story and their creator, Tove Jansson. The Moomins lend themselves quite well to Christmas; perhaps it’s something to do with their Scandinavian birthplace? This year, after my…

    / December 27, 2016
  • Finnish Christmas Market at Finnish Church, London

    This year, I’ve blogged continually about my love for Finland! After visiting Helsinki earlier this year I’ve become a little bit (read: a lot) enamoured with Finland. The Scandinavians seem to get into the Christmas spirit a lot more naturally…

    Christmas, London
    / December 15, 2016
  • Helsinki Instagram: Streets Are Like A Paintbox

    Helsinki instagram spots are basically around every corner! I’ve tried to convey how colourful and beautiful Helsinki is in my previous posts, but I had so many more photos showing off this gorgeous city that I thought I’d share a…

    Clothes, Travel
    / November 5, 2016
  • Helsinki: Moomin & Tove Jansson Guide

    Hello! By now you’ve probably cottoned on that I’m a bit of a (read: HUGE) Moomin fan. One of the many reasons I wanted to visit Helsinki was to visit the home and birthplace of Tove Jansson (the Moomins creator)….

    / October 21, 2016