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    Vegan Guide to Glasgow & Edinburgh

    I want to preface this post by telling you a) this is just focusing on Glasgow and Edinburgh or it would have been 40 pages long b) I love Scotland, and c) if you’re vegan, Scotland loves you (I mean,…

    Travel, Vegan
    / July 11, 2016
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    Glasgow Botanic Gardens

    It was such a beautiful day in Glasgow and I’m so pleased we switched our plans from being indoors at a museum to being out amongst the flowers. The gardens were the perfect size for our morning stroll, although you…

    Clothes, Travel
    / June 3, 2016
  • Glasgow

    Welcome to Glasgow! Glasgow was next on my whistlestop tour of the country and I fell completely in love with it! Unlike Edinburgh, I’d never been to Glasgow before and our one night in the city wasn’t nearly enough to…

    / May 28, 2016
  • 24 Hours in Edinburgh

    Last week I went on a flying trip around the country. My first stop was Edinburgh, one of my favourite cities in the UK! 

    / May 26, 2016