The Wasp Factory

October 12, 2013


(Picture c/o Royal Opera House website)

This week I was back at home in London following a week off to recover from illness. I tried very hard to schedule in a minimum of work but still seem to be out of the house most days! By far the best thing I have done this week was see the recent production of ‘The Wasp Factory’ at the Royal Opera House and is an adaptation of the book of the same name by the late, wonderful Iain Banks. I’m normally very critical and am rarely “blown away” by anything, whether it’s art, music, theatre, games, books etc. ‘The Wasp Factory’ is one of my favourite books and of the few books that has “blown me away” but given that large amounts of the book are long anecdotes retold by Frank, the unreliable first person narrator, I was skeptical as to how well the book could be adapted for the stage.

However, I thought ‘The Wasp Factory’ was astoundingly good and I can’t remember the last time I felt such an impact from a show. Bold, striking, brave, innovative and extremely powerful, I spent the entire performance entranced and barely able to process what I was seeing. After the show had finished I just felt an overwhelming ache and numb shock; how can I make performances like that? How can I be in that show? Where can I learn to do that? I should have liked to have seen it on an even bigger stage with the orchestra hidden, projected backgrounds and a longer, more violent ending – but it was still completely magical.

It’s very rare for me to feel that kind of kinship with a work. I often think that’s why I create songs and music and concerts; because the ideas I have in my head so rarely exist in the physical world. That’s not to say there isn’t a lot I enjoy, but it’s so rare for me to find something that just chimes with my own ideas and feelings.

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  1. jessthetics says:

    Oh Laila, now i have to read the book! The picture is amazing and it sounds like the show was too. I too am rarely blown away by theatre, although I enjoy it, but I often think maybe there’s something I’m missing. My family think I’m a philistine because I don’t enjoy shakespeare haha xx

    • tapeparade says:

      I LOVE Shakespeare on the page but have never been blown away by a show. Apart from one I was in (I was Ophelia in Hamlet) and that’s clearly biased. Doesn’t mean you’re a philistine, just high standards! The show was so good, I’m hoping it comes back at some point. x

  2. Katie says:

    I’m in love with Shakespeare <3 <3

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