Parc de la Ciutadella

May 18, 2014

climbing playground in barcelonaGirls in playground on giant tyre swing barcelonaGirls in playground on giant tyre swing barcelonagirls on balancing beam in barcelona
details from Parc de la ciutadella in barcelonapark fun national holiday playing bunting ciutadella

Still more about Barcelona. We were only there for about a week but we really crammed so different things in! The tempo changes across the week were crazy, some days we were so busy whilst other days the hours seemed to stretch forever. These photos are all from our laziest day; after running frantically around museums when we first arrived we spent the middle day of our trip wandering leisurely around Parc de la Ciutadella and the tiny Parc de Carles. It was so hot – everything was bathed in hazy warm light, as you can see in these photos!

Both parks were rammed with locals (almost no tourists in sight) as it was a national holiday. There was such a feel of happy camaraderie and fun in Ciutadella – permanent table tennis players were teeming with grown-ups and youngsters, kids were trying to pop giant bubbles, the lake was filled with leisurely boaters and there was bunting, bridges and acrobatics happening in the fields amongst the trees. I especially loved lounging around in the playground. Between pushing each other on the burning swings and dangling our legs in the pool, I happily recalled a thousand hours of summer holidays and playgrounds past.



park fun national holiday playing bunting ciutadella
me and christina on the swing in barcelona
details from Parc de la ciutadella in barcelonadetails from Parc de la ciutadella in barcelonadetails from Parc de la ciutadella in barcelona

Girls in playground on giant tyre swing barcelona
pretty tree in small park barcelona spainlaila on swings in barcelona

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  1. Isa Dione says:

    Oh, what a beautiful day it must have been! Looks wonderful 🙂 And judging by the pictures, you have normal sized feet 😉 How high are the temperatures in Barcelona right now?
    In Vienna it was raining all week long, but today the sun came out and it got warmer, finally! Can’t wait to flip flop around the town again!

  2. Denise says:

    Hi again! I’m back from some hectic weeks, for good 🙂 or so I hope, but for good for a long time, then 🙂 I am so amazed by your pictures, I always wanted to go to Barcelona and never went 🙁 Your pictures are fabulous and you look very happy, one can tell! In the pictures your feet don’t look very big, believe me! Hectic months in

  3. jessthetics says:

    Laila, your Barcelona photos are soooo dreamy! I’m so jealous. This looks like such a fun day, I love the photos of you on the swing! Barefoot is best! Sometimes the lazy holiday days are my favourite xx

  4. Kim says:

    that’s awesome! i love when you can have busy days and slow lazy days on a vacation and your nod to the crop top is awesome 😉 we all have our comfort zone

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