WikiMania 2014: Reflections On Running Wikimania Entertainment

August 15, 2014

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Wikimania is over! The conference was a huge success. The entertainment (and therefore me) received praise from everybody I encountered; considering this is the first time I’d directed/managed entertainment in this way I’m taking that as a huge compliment.

It’s strange adjusting back to normal life after being part of something so huge. From being one cog in a huge mechanism and working with a team, returning to being numero uno captain of this drifting, non-linear solo career I’ve forged myself has taken me a couple of days to navigate. Those of you who have me on facebook have probably seen my pondering status; I’m still working out what to do next. For me Wikimania closed a crazy ten week period that started with Egypt, continued through an epic trip across America and ended with the conference.

I loved every minute of it and to be able to program some of my favourite bands and comedy acts (as well as myself) to perform at the Barbican as part of such a prestigious conference was so gratifying and totally a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Lastly if you’re really captivated by Wikimania (or you’re nosy and want to see what I sound like) then check out the video diary I made! 🙂

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Pete Nagle cello barbican wikimania 2014 dan schreiber jimmy wales laila tapeparade QI comedy night Barbican wikimania 2014 london silk street moorgate Wikimania signs at the Barbican team leaders selfie wikimania 2014 london Jimmy Wales Laila tapeparade blog Wikimania london 2014 laila dancing around office wikimania 2014 tapeparade london

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  1. jessthetics says:

    Congratulations on such a successful event! I’m glad everyone loved it, although I never doubted that they would. You have some crazy good organising skills! I watched the video diary and I love all the dancing 🙂 I love the pidgeon picture too, haha, they are definitely enjoying your leftovers. xx

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