October 31, 2014


Happy Halloween! I hope you’re enjoying Halloween. I love Halloween – it was my favourite holiday as a child and I came up with increasingly weird costume ideas. Back then Halloween was still a bit of niche thing; although it’s hard to believe now we were under strict instruction as kids to only trick-or-treat the houses with pumpkins as the other houses would genuinely have no idea what Halloween was. These days the retail, film and even food industry have caught on to the financial potential of Halloween and marketing is EVERYWHERE!

Skeleton dances, witches, sci-fi, the dead, ghosts, Frankenstein, gothic, black, velvet, The Addams Family, voodoo, supernatural, Hammer Horror by Kate Bush, fear, unexplained mysteries, Thriller, graveyards, the occult, the science of fear; these are just some of the things Halloween means to me. I love it all! I love being scared and I’ve always been interested in death and the afterlife; I’m not a gloomy person but it’s something that has always fascinated me. Tonight I’ll be firmly in the world of the living as we’re throwing a big combination house/birthday party with a bit of an unusual theme; I’ll tell all next time but it does involve me wearing a sequinned union jack dress…

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5 responses to “Halloween”

  1. I love your kitty and you look so beautiful in those pictures! One of the couples is dancing to Kate Bush on Strictly at the weekend!

  2. Kim says:

    yes you seem like the type of person that would be creative as a child too! love your fun pictures with your cat!
    I got to see all the little kids decked out in the frozen princess and olaf the snowman costumes too cute 🙂
    can’t wait to see your halloween party post 🙂

  3. […] love Hallowe’en. As I’ve said, I’ve always loved feeling scared; unsolved mysteries; freak sightings, unexplained […]

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