Things He Made For Me

November 1, 2014

headbands on crown rack on wall tapeparadeCrown and ears holder.3D printing design james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meBed wheel stop pucks.3D printing print wolf pack ears james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meWolf ears (in varying sizes).3D printing cinter design hairbands headbands james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meHeadbands (in 3 colours!).kitchen lights working swivel spotlight actionSwivel spotlights.laila tapeparade bed sat down screen printed printing t shirtHeadband and screen printed cat-pizza-bicycle t shirt.
kitchen door hinge workingWorking cupboard door.3D printing blue crown tiara james hance jim laila tapeparade blog things he made meBlue tiara.laila tapeparade bed sat down screen printed printing t shirtBicycle-cat-pizza tshirt (I’ve got two now).

He makes things the way I make music; constantly, incessantly, obsessively. For work, for love, for money, for fun, in spare time, in sickness, in health. He’s constantly designing, sketching, thinking, looking, working out how things work. I mention things in passing and he makes them. It comes out of his brain and becomes a real, three-dimensional object, with no prior research or prompting. Printing, rendering, sewing, mending, wiring, soldering, carving, laser-cutting, welding, gluing, knitting, drawing. Making.

This is the list of what comes next.

jim constructing a crown holder

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8 responses to “Things He Made For Me”

  1. Kim says:

    that’s awesome! 3D printing is so fun! and useful solutions are always nice 🙂 love the cat riding a pizza bicycle 🙂 i think it’s wonderful to be around other creative people 🙂

  2. Oh my – huge fan of 3D prints my self! And yay for bicycle cat print tee!

  3. Bel says:

    What a multitalented and lovely guy! The wolf ears are especially adorable 🙂 xx

  4. Denise says:

    That is really all so sweet! It’s so good to be creative and to have all these beautiful things made for you with love! Your pictures look lovely as usual – I love the cat Tee and the tiaras!

  5. […] my friends to a trade show where they were helping on the 3D Hubs stand. You may remember this post about this brilliant guy (and if not, maybe get re-acquainted with him… more soon) and my fascination with design […]

  6. […] from Japan! I’ve spent the last month with a dead laptop – huge and endless thanks go to this guy for extracting the contents, replacing the hard drive, re-installing everything and saving me […]

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