February 6, 2015

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As I said in my post the other week I’ve decided to try and share more of my work! My big focus at the moment is Quizney – a live band karaoke and pub quiz event based on Disney. Our next event is Sunday 15th so it’s Valentines themed (red sequin dress; check) and we’ve moved to a new venue: Proud Camden. It’s one of the more fun places I partied at during my teens so playing there is like closing that little loop in my life!

I’m not the hugest Disney fan in the world so it’s always novel having to immerse myself in the Disney world for each event! Having the chance to study the music in depth is really much more interesting. I studied music for film and musical theatre at Masters Level so analysing the scores and songs of Disney films is hugely satisfying for my inner geek.
Quiz Cats
Most of my time this week has been based around scheduling promotion, learning the songs, choreographing dances and rehearsing the band. I like to think that despite the poor track record of women writing music for the films (Frozen is the first film to have songs or music written by a woman – Frozen! In 2013!!!) I’m flying the flag by directing and leading the whole night (incidentally the only female in the group). My favourite songs from our upcoming set have to be the Hercules and Aristocats soundtrack – motown and jazz inspired, respectively. They’re just such fun to play!

If you’re in London on the 15th and would like to come then you can get tickets here – you’ll get to hear my host voice…!

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Quiz CatsQuiz Cats

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  1. Denise says:

    That sounds like a great event! I’d like to take part, if I were in London this time! I think it’s amazing that Frozen in 2013 (!!!!) was the first film with songs written by a woman, but alas, better in 2013 than never!
    I wish you a great event and success! For sure it will be great!

  2. I love the name – it made me giggle.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Анна Алина Гевелюк says:

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