March 18, 2015

Japan anime manga sailor moon basket packing luggage

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’m going to Japan! I can’t wait! I’ve wanted to go to Japan since I was 8. My childhood and teenage years flew by through a filter of J-Pop, karate, harajuku fashion, and raiding comic shops for imported manga. I’d scour London for Japanese restaurants and sought anime on the internet after the death of Fox Kids. As a kid my love for japanese culture marked me out as a weirdo. These days everybody has a favourite Studio Ghibli film and there’s sushi on every corner – I couldn’t be happier!

I met the wonderful and amazing Sam (check him out!) last year and we became close friends. Last Autumn we realised neither of us had ever been to Japan despite a lifetime of devouring Japanese culture and wishing to visit. So, we’re going – to see the sakura this April.

I already have a list of places I’d love to visit but would LOVE your recommendations! If there’s anywhere unmissable then drop me a note. Japan anime manga sailor moon basket packing luggage

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  1. Denise says:

    Well, that is a place I am longing to go and never went – so you are the one to give recommendations after that! It’s amazing! Congratulations! I am really sooo looking forward to reading your posts about it, soon! Hope you have an amazing, unforgettable trip!!!!! That’s really amazing, I am so happy that you are going there!

  2. I’m very jealous. I hope you have an amazing time – I’d love to go.

    Lizzie Dripping

  3. Laura says:

    ahh, hope you’ll have the most amazing trip! i had so many friends growing up who were really into japan, so i got to get quite into it myself at times as well, haha:-) it’s strange how it used to be considered something weird to be interested in and now it’s not. i’d love to go someday. are you leaving soon? 🙂 xx

  4. sarahjane100 says:

    I am SO jealous of this… I would love to go to Japan! Hoping you have a super fun time & buy a tonne of cool stuff.
    Sarah-Jane xo // http://www.vmgirl.me

  5. christina says:

    The cuteness in this post! your such a jet-setter.. and fabulous daring! ha x

  6. Gemma says:

    How exciting!!!

    I have never been anywhere as wonderfully diverse as Japan. This country has so many different sides to it, all fascinating, interesting and mesmerising.

    The markets for a vintage happy coat or kimono (I couldn’t choose just one so walked away with two… Greedy!) or the Oriental Bizarre for some great bits and pieces. Tokyo Hands for the most amazing stationary! (And erm… Everything! Haha!! Great shop.) You will lose yourself for hours walking around the famously stylish (and they aren’t lying) Harajuku. You should seek out a temple to visit, breath taking, Laila.

    The subway system is super easy to navigate and people are super friendly and helpful if you happen to look lost ; )

    You are going to have the most wonderful time!! : D


  7. jennie says:

    Ahh how exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures! xx

  8. Reshma says:

    My husband and I took a 10 trip to Bejing and Tokyo for our 2nd year anniversary last year. I have always wanted to go to Japan and I can’t really explain why… I have to say that it was so much more than I ever expected! I’m so excited for you! One of my most favorite places was Asakusa and I would definitely recommend walking in the neighborhood around there. I loved pretending to be a local and just exploring on foot. The public transportation is awesome ofcourse so it’s super easy. I also liked visiting the shrines, akihabra is amazing, and Mount Fuji were some of the highlights to our trip. We didn’t get to go to Kyoto but right now is probably the best time to go and see the cherry blossoms. Hope you have the most incredible time and wish you safe travels! 🙂

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