How To Have A Cheap Christmas

December 16, 2015

christmas, christmas cheap, cheap christmas, christmas flatlay, christmas decorations, christmas sweetsI’m used to having no money at all and it’s very hard to justify spending lots of money this time of year when typically (for me anyway) it’s a low-earning month due to holidays. So for anybody in the same boat.. here are some of my top tips to have a great Christmas without spending anything!

christmas, christmas cheap, cheap christmas, christmas flatlay, christmas decorations, christmas sweets

1. Go Outside
With the “luxury” of being freelance (I’ve put that in quotes because it is not as easy as everybody seems to think) I’ve taken the last two weeks of December off, and I’ve spent most of each day out of the house. Why not meet with friends to walk around your town centre for free and look at the decorations? London is always decorated beautifully for Christmas and it costs nothing at all to go and marvel at the displays outside.

christmas, christmas cheap, cheap christmas, christmas flatlay, christmas decorations, christmas sweets

2. Decorate With Everything
I do get a pang when I see people with beautifully dressed trees and roof to floor co-ordinated decorations, but at the end of the day we can’t all afford that! We’ve decorated our house using chocolates we received as a gift, Santa pegs, ribbon (also good for accessories) and these milk bottle top/wine cork decorations my Mum made back in the 70s as a poor student with zero cash. I also did a run to the pound shop and came back with Christmas coasters, bows, and angel chocolates – for a fiver I’ve decorated the whole of our house. Thank you!
3. Dress Festive
I can’t tell you how annoyed I get at Christmas fashion being plastered everywhere. Like people really want to spend their hard-earned cash on something novel they will wear once! This year I grouped all of my festive* clothes and have been wearing them exclusively; I was surprised both by how many christmassy items I had and also how festive I felt just tailoring my wardrobe a bit. See also: Christmas hair. DOES NOT COST A PENNY.
*anything sequinned, red, green, white, cream, gold, silver, sequinned, featuring a deer/polar bear/penguin, adorned with pearls, or velvet.
4. Say “Merry Christmas” To Everybody You Pass
This began as a joke and now we all feel super-festive and the whole street knows of us as “the christmas house”.
christmas decorations christmas tree presets wrapping decoration minimal colour
5. Christmas Music Everywhere

This costs NOTHING to play all your favourite Christmas tunes! If you ever need a break from excessive novelty music just switch to Ella or Frank and you’ll still feel suitably classy. I blogged earlier this Slogmas about festive music so have a listen here if you like. 

That concludes my advice for having a fun Christmas that is easy on the bank wallet! Let me know your favourite cheap Christmas tips below as I’m always on the scout for new ways to avoid spending that crucial decorations christmas tree presets wrapping decoration minimal colour

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3 responses to “How To Have A Cheap Christmas”

  1. Kareen says:

    Merry Christmas! This is a really sweet post and stays true to the spirit of Christmas without giving in to its dark side of consummerist capitalism. I did spend more money this year than I would have liked, but to my defense it was for others. Next year though, I’d rather have a cheaper (and therefore more creative) Christmas.

  2. and Merry Christmas to you, little beautiful Elf!

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