Slogmas: A Review

January 5, 2016

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Good morning! Before I chat about Slogmas I’d really quickly like to ask you if you could take a few minutes to fill in my reader survey – it would mean the world to me! I’ve never asked you guys to fill in anything like this before and it would really help me to know what is and isn’t working on this blog. Thank you!

Ok, so back on the 30th November, I was house-sitting in Oxford and seeing a lot of people posting about the start of Blogmas. “Hey, why not”, I thought to myself. “I could use a challenge.” I decided to post a piece of content everyday: somedays a song, but most days a blog. I had planned to do a video but NO WAY I GOT TIME FOR THAT. I’m sure blogging seems like a very low level activity to a lot of you and you’re probably wondering why a daily post should seem like a slog. I don’t know much about the blog-writing habits of others, but for me, most posts take a few hours minimum.

So to embark on an entire month of daily posts with nothing scheduled or planned in advance, during a month where I was also undertaking a number of big personal and work projects, was pretty foolish. I like the idea of Blogmas (or Slogmas), as being a way to thank your readers. It gives me so much joy to know somebody out there reads the little ideas I throw out into the world.

Day 1: Slogmas
Day 2: Christmas Wishes
Day 3: Sailor Moon
Day 4: Rose’s Song
Day 5: Quizmas
Day 6: How To Stay Safe At Night part II
Day 7: Highbury
Day 8: Under The Mistletoe
Day 9: Christmas Cleaning
Day 10: Oxford University Museum
Day 11: Christmas In Oxford
Day 12: Pitt-Rivers
Day 13: Oxford Mini Guide
Day 14: Blue Blue World
Day 15: Christmas In Kingston
Day 16: How To Have A Cheap Christmas
Day 17: A Christmas Song For Somebody
Day 18: Happy Birthday Dad
Day 19:
Day 20: Christmas In Covent Garden
Day 21: Leadenhall Market
Day 22:
Day 23: Boyfriends
Day 24: Driving Home For Christmas

Day 25: Christmas In London


Day 27: This Christmas
Day 30: Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Day 31: 2K15

Well, it certainly was a slog. There were a few days in the middle where I thought “this is ridiculous”, and yet I kept on; childishly, stubbornly. There are two BRILLIANT reasons for missing Day 19 and Day 22; the best date of my life and one of the most important dinners I’ve had this year, so I hope you won’t resent me too much for missing those days.

I think the post I spent the longest time on was either Day 3, which I poured my heart into, or Day 31 simply due to scrolling through the archives and choosing which photos to use. I think either Day 3, Day 24 or Day 27 were my most honest, and Day 17 was by far the most personal. I don’t think I’ve ever hesitated pressing “Publish” before so that was a first for this blog!

Thank you so much for enduring, and hopefully enjoying Slogmas along with me! If you read along or had a favourite post then let me know. 🙂

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7 responses to “Slogmas: A Review”

  1. I take my hat off to you for doing so many posts, that’s amazing! Happy new year, I look forward to keeping up with your adventures in 2016 🙂

  2. Rantasalot says:

    Your photos are always great.

  3. christinadrh says:

    I enjoy your blog and your photos, that is hard to post daily, but I think you remained authentic, well done!

  4. Lovely photos, and kudos to the daily posting! I am daily posting now and it is definitely a lot of work, but worth it, so power to you!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Gemma says:

    Dude, you are a hero!

    PS. Cracking photographs!! : )


  6. Laura says:

    posting daily is such a big deal, i think! i don’t understand how some people think it’s easy, and have so much respect for people who post any content daily. i think i could maybe do a month, but there’s now way i could manage a daily schedule all the time. so you’ve done good, especially as it’s december and december’s usually so busy:-) also, i’ve really loved all your christmassy photos – so beautiful! xx

  7. johnberk says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and it’s very interesting. I love your photos, and I appreciate the idea of a one month blogging struggle. I personally loved your photos from the Oxford University Museum the most. So to say, I’m glad that the Xmas period is finally over. Despite all the fun, I just prefer “ordinary” life.

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