International Women’s Day Playlist

March 8, 2016

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Guys, I’ve made the best International Women’s Playlist. I’ll add to it through the day when I’m not working on the business I set up, achieving my life goals or being adored for my goddess-like tendencies. And I’m still in my PJ’s! No seriously, it’s a great playlist: there’s divas, girlbands, legends, heartbreakers, newcomers, sass-queens, sirens, songwriters and composers alike on this thing. It’s epic. Trust me. Give it a subscribe so I know you’re there. Whack it on and give thanks for all the amazing women in our lives – and if you’re a woman, then high bloody five from me.

And if you want to listen to an awesome women not on Spotify click here (spoiler: it me) XXX



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4 responses to “International Women’s Day Playlist”

  1. Laura says:

    i’ve not finished listening to this yet, but i’m liking it:-) i love it when people do playlists because i’m too lazy to do it myself, haha! also, that adventure time top is amazing! xx

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  3. teeateiza says:

    Happy International Women’s Day!!! Nice plug Laila… I really like the lyric in your song, Highbury “there’s plenty more fish in the sea but you’re the catch of the day that I need!!!” Ahhh it’s an adventure time tee, I thought it was Bravest Warriers 🙂 XxX

  4. nvsubbaraman says:

    Nice day. Great thought.

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