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September 28, 2016






horniman museum

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The Horniman Museum

The Horniman is one of my favourite museums in London. It’s in Forest Hill, so not far at all from my old home in the SE (still one of my favourite bits of London). I hadn’t been there for a couple of years (last blog here) so when Ryan* wanted to go on a rare mutual day off I was pretty eager! The Horniman has an eclectic mix of stuff – animal displays, taxidermy, musical instruments, african artifacts – but that’s all part of the charm. Outside there’s a tiny farm, a musical art installation and a Victorian herb garden to visit.

We went down into the aquarium to escape a sudden downpour of rain and it was evening when we ventured back out! The weather in London at the moment is bizarre. A grey morning could turn into a night-time thunderstorm, or a balmy summer’s evening – Ryan clearly isn’t sure what to make of it either.

One of the main things I struggle with in museums – especially diverse ones such as the Horniman – is how best to document the experience. My brain seems to come alive when I visit most museums, so I write down my thoughts in a flurry – I’ve always been a fast note-taker. Camera-wise, I come home with a load of awful photos hampered by the glare of the exhibit glass. I buy postcards of my favourite items where possible, but it’s never the same as taking your own record. What do you find most helpful?

horniman museum






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5 responses to “Horniman Museum & Gardens”

  1. Nice pictures. Love the piano.

  2. This is a lovely place! I liked the piano and a frog that looks like it i smiling 🙂 So much to explore there, I feel like you when I am at a museum, and pictures – not all, but many – get strange, but it’s part of the experience too 🙂 Loved your skirt and sandals, you look beautiful! Very nice to know about this museum, I never went there! Hope the weather gets better!

  3. Lovely article. I volunteer in a number of museums around London. I did a blog about my experience of the Great Fire exhibition when I was covering the London Volunteer Museum Awards.

    I’ve never been to the Horniman but I got the chance to visit the Imperial War Museum in Lambeth Road.

    I love taking pictures in Museums, it’s a pity tho that some of them don’t allow me to 🙁

    I love to know what your favourite museums are, particularly in London.

    Life Happening Now


  4. Jane says:

    This museum sounds super super interesting, like a place I’d enjoy!
    I have that issue when I visit museums as well, I just try and remember that I don’t have to document everything (so tempting though!).

  5. jessthetics says:

    Laila, these photos are gorgeous. I love your outfit! You look like you stepped out of picnic in the 50s. I have to admit I usually don’t try to document trips to museums, but I do buy postcards of the things that I like. I’m a very lightweight museum goer – I can only do an hour or two before my brain fills up and I feel like I can’t read anymore! xx


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