Vegan Club: Holistix Beauty

October 6, 2016

holistix herbs products

holistix herbs products

Welcome to the very first skincare review on this blog! Today I’ll be looking at Holistix Herbs (boom), a vegan, cruelty-free, organic and local UK based company. For a long time I avoided everything skincare and categorised looking after my skin with hair-styling and cosmetics, aka, something that just wasn’t for me. In the last year I’ve come to understand looking after your skin as something more in line with general health and looking after yourself.

It’s been quite tricky navigating the cosmetics world as a cruelty-free, local-loving, ethical vegan. Tonnes of companies are owned by other companies, packaging is rarely recyclable, international laws vary and so on. It can be hard to to verify if a brand are actually sticking to the rules they say they are! The problems seem to be endless – I could write a whole post just on trying to find the “good” companies.

I’ve built up a small pool of trusted brands for my skin/hair needs, but am always on the lookout for options. Enter Holistix Herbs, who I first encountered back at London Animal Free Festival in the summer. Holistix Herbs is the brainchild of Laura, a professional herbalist with over 20 years of experience. Laura has been vegan for over 18 years and began inventing these products as a way to combine her professional expertise with her own creative ideas for useful products. The items themselves are all cruelty-free, vegan, organic and made with locally sourced ingredients. Laura also uses reusable glass containers to avoid waste – right up my street.

Laura very kindly sent me over 6 of her bestselling products to review.

holistix herbs skincare review geranium and orange cream vegan cruelty free cf product

holistix herbs skincare review geranium and orange cream vegan cruelty free cf product

Geranium and Orange Cream – £7.95 (here)

This is a rich moisturiser which has the most delicious scent! I found this cream to be a little bit thicker then what I’d normally go for on my face, but it was perfect for my legs and felt really nourishing. Weightwise it kind of reminded me of a thinner Lush Enzymion, bar the hefty price tag. I’d imagine if you have quite a dry face, or if you suffer from eczema/psoriasis or similar, then this would be excellent. I should also mention this moisturiser lasts for AGES. I’ve been using the product for weeks and have barely made a dent in the amount of product in the pot.


Face Polish – £8.95 (here)

Laura helpfully explained to me that this product contains frankincense and myrrh. My understanding of those herbs is still at the “We Three Kings” level, but Laura helpfully explained that frankincense helps to reduce blemishes and redness, whilst myrrh detoxifies and promotes new healthy skin. The combination of nutritional oils makes the Face Polish a brilliantly active product. It exfoliates and then nourishes your face – I’m lazy so 2-in-1 products are great. The ingredients will be especially effective for those with acne, or acne scars. I’ve had about 3 spots in my life to date so can’t vouch for that, but I did find this a really refreshing product and my face felt nicely tingly after.


Muscle Rub – £8.25 (here)

This product is basically a miracle worker! I get really sore shoulders and lower back from carrying stuff around all the time and then slumping at my desk. This product has helped SO MUCH, and I tend to be really sceptical of muscle-based products (oversaturated market!). Basically I’ll just rub my shoulders as I normally would, except with this product on my fingertips. Straight away the muscles feel refreshed and relaxed. This is another product that seems to be lasting for ages and is great value for money. Ryan also tried out the Muscle Rub and is basically in love. If you’re somebody that does a lot of working out (lol no) or gets quite tired muscles (sob) then I’d recommend trying this. It also smells great!


Lip Balms – £3 – £3.25 each (here)

I do get quite dry lips so was keen to try these bad boys out. I tried the Chocolate and Orange, Spearmint and Lime and Glitter Balms. My favourite of these is the Spearmint and Lime – it tastes amazing and I’m a big fan of mint in general. All of these lip balms are a little bit harder than say, Vaseline, which is a nice alternative when you don’t want really goopy lips in the morning, feel me?

You can check out all these products on the Holistix Herbs website or at any of these events. Which products would you be most likely to try? Also, interested to know if you have trouble finding products that match up to your ethical wants. Why aren’t all brands see-through..!?

holistix herbs products


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4 responses to “Vegan Club: Holistix Beauty”

  1. I also love products that are natural, cruelty free and this line of Holistix Beauty sounds excellent! Very nice for your first beauty review, like you pointed out – I am in love with the products! I also though of We Three Kinds when I read the two ingredients, and the Face Polish sounds really good! I would love to try the Geranium and Orange cream during winter, when my skin tends to go dry (like many of us!) and that sounds really good for the cold season!

  2. Ooh, I’d like to try that muscle rub and the lip balm. I’m always on the lookout for a balm that will work some miracles on my lips hehe!

  3. Jane says:

    That’s a really good concept for a skincare line. I would definitely use the face polish, and the muscle balm sounds intriguing!

  4. jessthetics says:

    This is so useful! I also find it difficult to find brands that are ethical, vegan etc and also suit my SUPER sensitive skin. Lush can be a bit too heavily fragranced for me now, which is a shame because they used to be my go-to! I find hair care especially difficult because I need really moisturizing products, so I spend a tonne of money on vegan conditioner. The moisturizer sounds amazing, and I love that Laura is a herbalist. What an amazing job! xx


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