Laila Right Now: Laundry, tinsel, and mugs

December 7, 2016

photo-on-07-12-2016-at-18-55Hello! Welcome to a new series here on Tape Parade! I love reading other peoples “Life Lately” posts, and I find they tend to be quite reflective. I’m quite reflective in general, so I thought my own take on a “Life Lately” could be a little bit more present. My life is certainly not some glossy blog shoot at all hours! I’ve found my feed saturated with images of people in cosy socks and pyjamas, christmas decorations, red Starbucks cups and general festive, Hygge-inluenced warmth. My life is quite far from that at the moment! The last two weeks have been hectic: although great for business, bad for blogging.

I often think being freelance is actually doing about 5 jobs consecutively. It’s been a mixture of doing what’s Absolutely Necessary alongside What Has An Immediate Deadline. What Needs Doing is quite far down the list and What I’d Like to Do doesn’t even feature for the time being! Life right now is a big mess of playing catch up and trying to stay afloat. It seems bizarre that just 3 months ago I blogged about how slow work was. This months, things like replying to whatsapp messages or doing laundry have become a massive luxury! Obviously I’m grateful, and I know from experience that next month could be incredibly slow. Christmas is coming, and I’m hoping this weekend we can get round to decorations and present-sorting. The weekend after I’m off to New York…!

So there’s a little check-in for you. What’s your life like right now?

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4 responses to “Laila Right Now: Laundry, tinsel, and mugs”

  1. Even though you’re so swamped, I think doing freelance work is awesome! I crave that sort of freedom and associate freelance with doing what you love. Life is a bit stressful (trying to fit in end of year deadlines). Can’t wait for holidays, though!

  2. Ahhh… I tried to send a comment and it failed… will try it again! I like Life Lately posts, it depends who writes them 🙂 Yours will be great, I am sure! Hope you have a very nice trip, NY is amazing! Hope you have a very nice day!

  3. I hope you enjoyed NY. i’m pretty busy myself. I am going a secret trip in a few weeks.

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