A Week In December – Christmas Song and Vlog

December 12, 2016

Hello everyone! I’ve made a vlog! I think the thing I most often hear from my blogging friends is that I should crack on and start vlogs. I kind of understand why – the “me” reflected in my writing is like a very serious part of me that makes up about 10% of me in real life. That said, I have so little time, and my forays into video before have taken me ages!

I had a brainwave when hanging out with Vix last week that I should incorporate a song. Writing songs is a very quick process for me normally, and I thought it might help speed the video-making up. So here you go! The song explains what’s happening rather than me talking out loud. This short video shows you a pretty standard week in my life. True to form, the song took about 10 minutes to write and an hour to record. The video however has taken me all morning to edit…!

Let me know what you think. It was quite fun to make so I might make a couple more over Christmas. Happy Monday!

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3 responses to “A Week In December – Christmas Song and Vlog”

  1. Loooved it, really! The market, gigs, lovely food… I loved the part “cause everyone asked me” and then you created this lovely video – true, video editing takes time! But well done, it is really loved and the song is great!

  2. Siobhán says:

    I love this so very, very much.

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