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December 18, 2016

David Keirsey, MBTI, personality types, please understand me, please understand me books,

Last week, a psychologist friend mentioned the Myers-Brigg personality types. I was a little bit clueless, although recognised the 4 capital letters type. You may have also come across words like “INFP” and “ETNJ” before without paying a lot of attention. After all the internet is filled with endless pointless quizzes, right? Why do we need another?

Turns out the MBTI is rooted in Jungian research and widely held in high regard. Not some crappy “Find your Disney spirit animal!” quiz after all! The MBTI stands for Myers-Brigg Type Indicator, and it’s an indicator rather than the test. It’s not always completely accurate, and there’s no right or wrong. According to the MBTI, there are 16 distinct personality types, each with their own strengths and flaws. The different types all work differently, think differently and have different focuses in their relationships and careers.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of person I am since my early teens. What do I stand for? How do I function best? What scenarios make me stressed? How can I succeed? I reached a lot of conclusions about myself quite early in life and I’ve always accepted the way I am. As an adult, I’ve created a life that allows me to work to my strengths; I never considered doing anything else.

David Keirsey, MBTI, personality types, please understand me, please understand me books,

Getting To Know Myself

Yesterday morning I took the quiz myself and was really surprised by the results. I consider myself a person who knows their strengths and weaknesses very well. Suddenly, here was a random part of the internet telling me exactly what kind of person I am. After further research, I felt the MBTI had helped to explain a lot of things about myself. I took three different tests in the interest of accuracy, and found I border between two types. It turns out these are the two rarest types. People like myself often struggle to fit in and form close connections as there’s so few of us. Being unflappable, intellectually headstrong, good leaders and extremely rational are all indicators of my type.

People like me can seem kind of detached emotionally. We are not unemotional, we are just far more logical and analytical. In practise, this means I often have little patience for random people’s personal dramas and rarely get upset or angry for little things. The “emotional reaction” part of me rarely springs to life, and when it does, it’s for things that don’t make logical sense. For example, regular readers already know how much I struggle with the early death of my friend. It’s not something that can be rationalised and so sparked a huge emotional reaction in me. There’s no logic to feelings, and I’m not used to dealing with so many random emotions.

I could blather on about the ways my specific type relates to me, but I think it’s the kind of thing that’s FASCINATING to me and not so much to everyone else! So, if you’d rather go discover your own type I’ll link below to the MBTI sites I looked at. I’d recommend doing a couple to kind of get an average! In the meantime, I’ll be doing some further reading with the Keirsey books above…

Some Tests

Humanmetrics – this is the kind of standard MBTI online. It will take you about five minutes and is pretty accurate.

Truity – this is the shortest test and super-easy to navigate. Lots of helpful information!

16 Personalities – this one is quite popular as it uses more modernised questions. The sections on the different types are well laid out. However, I definitely would take an additional, more academic test.

MBTI – this is a great overview of the whole thing!

Personality Test – I haven’t tried this one but it’s another option!

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2 responses to “Get To Know Yourself: MBTI Personality Types”

  1. Jane says:

    I am totally addicted to personality tests, but I can never remember my MB type… starts with an I and ends with a J possibly. So I’m off to fall into a hole of these tests again!

  2. Laura says:

    i love stuff like this and i love knowing what personality types people are! and i did actually find doing the mbti helpful when i did it and even now. i’m an intj (a) and reading about the personality type just made more sense as to why i am the way i am, if that makes sense. i also made my mum take the test last summer which made me understand her better. even though i knew what type she’d be, i’d never considered that she’s actually more introverted than i am because unlike me she’s also really sociable. i just find it all really interesting, haha! xx

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