A Christmas Song for 2016

December 29, 2016

You may remember last year I wrote a Christmas song for “somebody” – obviously Ryan, although at the time that was a secret. This year I’ve written (well, arranged and recorded) a Christmas song for you! Here’s a little video scrapbook of what I’ve been up to this festive season. I hope you’ll all give it a watch and if you enjoy it, please subscribe and click the bell for notifications.

I’ve got lots of ideas for posts at the moment but I’m finding it hard to get them written. Posts on the year we just had, my hopes for next year, my time in New York. Posts on how fed up we all feel and what we can try to do to combat that next year. It’s not always easy to write when you’ve got so many different ideas knocking around in your brain. I never suffer from writer’s block; I have too many ideas to get them out. Writer’s traffic?!

Hopefully you’ve all had great holidays and are enjoying the last few days of the festive season!

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  1. Ohhh… I am so emotional these days, for many reasons… one was in the video…let it that way for now, but I really want to thank you for the video and the song… you are such a great musician and I loved the song… thank you soooo much! I hope you have an excellent time in 2017, may all your hopes and dreams come true, and always smile and enjoy the good things that are coming your way! Happy new year!

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