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January 4, 2017

Vegan Vegan ClubHello! If you’re following me on twitter then I am sure you’re sick of hearing about VeganVeganClub by now. If not then… I have some exciting news! As you know, I’m vegan and have been for many years. I asked a few weeks ago if anybody had any questions about being vegan ahead of Veganuary. Apart from being bombarded with questions, it became apparent that people also had no idea where to go for vegan help or advice. I’ve started a little group, Vegan Vegan Club, to help out!

You can find us on twitter (click here) and I’ll also be making a few more videos and adding some posts to the platform.  Please do watch the video, I am ridiculously proud of the “singalong” style theme tune.I have WAY more questions of yours to answer. If you’ve got a question that you’d like answering then please just leave it below and I’ll make sure to include it! Anyway, the video explains more so I’ll stop rambling and text. You can watch me rambling in person instead!

I should point out this is also my first YouTube video that follows the traditional format of chatting to camera. I would say I’m a natural, but that’s clearly not the case. C’est la vie – I hope you guys have been enjoying these forays into video regardless! More blogs soon!

Anyway – so hands up if you are trying veganury? Let’s all meet up for pink tofu chowder!

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  1. Natasha says:

    Yay! So excited for this as this is one of my goals this year – I want to reduce down and start to phase off of animal products so this will be brilliant for me. Exciting! – Tasha

  2. Loved the video, I think you looked very natural! And the song, so nice! Well, vegan or not, I didn’t have chocolate for a year and 4 months (talking about what you don’t like, but some of your friends swear by), and re-started eating it on the 1st, and just for 3 days… I think having a chocolate ban totally changed the way I eat sweets now… 🙂 Hope you have more of these videos, that was so cool!

  3. Awww this sounds such a lovely club, I really want to join and learn more! I have a brand new lil group too, called the Romantic Gal Society – I wondered if you might like to join each others’? 😀 adore your blog! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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