Laila Likes: January in Review

February 5, 2017

I wanted to try and make Laila Likes into a bit more of a regular “thing” this year. When I started this blog I primarily shared what I was enjoying clothes-wise, or places I’d discovered and loved in London. These days my blog is a bit more “serious” but I want to start sharing little snippets of stuff I’ve enjoyed recently, even if it is every other month in list form. After all, January is a bit of a downer month even without pretend Brexit strategies, an absent opposition and the international fascist uprising.

This month I’ve been grateful for stir-fry, almond-butter, comfy trainers (lot of time spent driving this month), plants surviving the winter, beetroot, socks without holes in, and the incredible selection of copper pots at my local florists.


I’ve been reconsidering my personal style and fashion “evolution” this month. Generally I’m not particularly interested in style, but I’ve felt a bit bored recently and I’d like to try a couple of new things. For example: earrings. I have about 8 or 9 holes in my ears, many of which are basically closed. It’d look very effective if I bothered to wear something in all of them! At the moment I’m also on the hunt for a black and white stripy polo neck top – if anyone sees one please hit me up.

This month I’ve REALLY enjoyed reading other peoples thoughts on fast fashion. Since I was a teenager I’ve been slowly trying to cut out brands or clothing retailers whose ethics I don’t really agree with. This may sound commendable now, but I was bullied for YEARS back then. For a long time I felt like a total weirdo for shopping/acting the way I do. I’m so glad it’s becoming more of a mainstream discussion.


January was great for TV. Perfect, as we’re all too broke and cold to go out right? I cannot recommend these two documentaries on iPlayer enough. I am fascinated by animals in general, as you know, but the deep sea (and specifically the megamouth shark) are my favourite areas to learn about. These Japanese documentaries feature incredible footage of rarely-seen animals. Who knew the giant squid would be gold?! The score is by Joe Hisaishi, one of my favourite composers (well known to any Studio Ghibli fans out there) and David Attenborough narrates. I’ve rewatched some segments of these two programmes dozens of times. The unknown makes me feel so safe- knowing there’s a limit to our understanding, and that we are still confined in many ways to our own little space is something I take a lot of reassurance from. Most deep-sea sharks have existed unchanged since before the times of dinosaurs. Incredible! Gah I could take about aquatic life all day.

Also on TV this month STEVEN BOMB. OH, GOOD LORD. I absolutely adored how much we learned in the January Steven bomb. I watched that first episode alone in my house after an entire day of silence and felt like my brain was falling on the floor. Such gorgeous artwork, that weird dissonant music, the incredible colouring for the South Korea segment. And Blue Diamond is surely one of the most beautifully drawn characters we’ve seen so far, right? What about that room of Rose Quartzes?! And the Famethyst? If you don’t know what I’m talking about I can only URGE you to start watching Steven Universe.


Some of my favourite articles on the internet this month include: this accessible, informative article on fascism by Chris and this enlightening post from my BFF Vix on depression. I really adore these photos of Jess from her Californian trip (all her posts from that trip are incredible). Priyas post on changing styles which was very timely for me!


The Road Not Taken: I discovered this game for iPad and it is beautiful and haunting. Despite looking cute and simple, I felt an overwhelming sense of loss whilst playing it. Reviewers have described crying, feeling as though they were playing through grief and contemplating societies obsession with consumerism and workload whilst playing it. Quite a lot for a 15 level puzzler.

I did something I rarely do this month: gave up on a book. I featured “The Loney” in my “Winter Reads” post. It seemed so intriguing but I found the first two-thirds so tedious and unbearably slow that I just stopped reading for about a fortnight. Eventually I let myself off the hook and started something new. Has anyone read it and completed it? Does it get better?! So that’s kind of an un-favourite of this month.

At the end of this month I’ll be headed to Glasgow for my birthday. I can’t wait! If you have any tips please throw or link them my way. Highly recommend in London: the Records and Rebels exhibition at the V&A. If you’re a Moomins fan then this exhibition at Southbank is perfection.


Hey Arnold t-shirt, because who didn’t love Hey Arnold?

Barb from Stranger Things poster – I just think the artwork is so beautiful.

Giant gold hoops are absolutely my “thing” and I have been searching for some bamboo style ones for ages. I will keep trawling Camden Market until some like this pop up!

Recently I discovered AliceRuby – a Camden-based jewellery maker who designs the most gorgeous pieces. I particularly love the sea shells and the Sundara nose studs.

Finally, this Beatles/Space themed jumper is just GORGEOUS.

What have you enjoyed this month?

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2 responses to “Laila Likes: January in Review”

  1. jessthetics says:

    THANK YOU for the feature Laila, I am honored! I am also really pleased at how mainstream ethical fashion is becoming – and how common it is to talk about it. I feel like there are a lot more options out there now too, or maybe I’m just looking harder. Is it bad to admit that I don’t really know what Steven Universe is? I have lots of holes in my ears but never wear earring either, haha. I love the way jewelry looks but i rarely wear it – I actually find the way it feels kind of annoying, or it gets in the way. I never learnt how to hold a pen with rings on! xx


  2. Denise says:

    That is again a great post, Laila! I started a “finds” post last week and this Beatles jumper has to figure there this week! I looove The Beatles since I was 11 (my favourite band ever) and that jumper is soooo “me” – who doesn’t need space! To breathe, to do what we like, no control – well, control from a certain source is annoying me this week 🙂 I have to wear that jumper to state my mind 🙂 Thanks for that! I loved the giant squid documentary, and Steven Universe is so cute! No, I didn’t read that book, so I can’t say anything 🙂 I remember that once I read a book that was and is so famous, turned into a famous movie, 504 pages, but I was “courageous”, finished it and… well, it was nothing. Just the fuss of being famous written by blah and blah famous one. Anyway, I didn’t know you were bullied because of your fashion choices. I remember when I was 9 and turned to be a vegetarian. The only one among one million people (not a joke, I meant 1 million) and everybody (yes, everybody) called me “rebel”, black sheep, eccentric, attention seeker, etc. I didn’t mind. At 16, I defended minorities. Again “names”. So you see, now more and more people are vegetarians and vegans. With everything, we should just wait. 🙂 No Glasgow suggestions, unfortunately, I am about to go there for ages and never did – shame on me. Pisces girl? That is a great sign (my rising one 🙂 Hope you have a nice week!

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