February Goals and Favourites

March 7, 2017

Oh goodness! I took the last week off to celebrate my birthday (thank you for the kind wishes!). Yesterday I resumed work with a bit of a lurch! I have lots to share about my holiday and my birthday but for now I want to recap February!

TV: I’ve been devouring Rick & Morty this month. I watched a few episodes when the show initially came out and somehow never kept up with it? It has been a joy diving into their crazy world. I’ve always been re-watching Bojack Horseman from the start with Ryan, who had never seen it. Honestly I could watch that show all day – hands down the best thing to come out of Netflix (yes including Stranger Things). Ryan wants to get a tattoo of Todd (even though he is more like Mr Peanutbutter) and I want one of Bojack.

FASHION: In my January round-up I mentioned how boring I’ve been dressing, and I followed it up with a longer post here. I was so surprised at how many people this resonated with! Since writing that post I’ve been trying to make more of an effort. I’ve had full earrings most days (not including the holes that are basically fully closed) and even tiny things like that make such a difference. Here’s a small example – I literally ran outside for this photo hence my housemates slippers making an appearance. #interesting. I also bought this gorgeous yellow vintage dress from Peacock Vintage this February.

INTERNET: There have been so many amazing posts this month! I’m actually behind on reading blogs and looking forward to catching up this week. Libby posted this brilliant guide to eating vegan in Stockholm and Emma shared the fascinating Pima Air and Space Museum! In personal posts, Paige posted about her engagement. I loved reading this as I’ve been following Paige for years and she really gives a lot of insight into their engagement.

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OTHER: I’ve been following the tattoo artist Sarah Whitehouse on instagram for ages! Her work is so beautiful – delicate, cute and really charming. She has a guest spot in London this April at Parliament Tattoo (round the corner from me!). I’ve also discovered the gorgeous detailed work of Chloe O’Malley, who you can find here. Particularly love those bouquets.

This cute print of a ballerina making friends with some birds. Cute!

Black and gold dinosaur necklace. Yes please.

White and gold sequinned check cape dress. That’s all my favourite things in one sentence!

Aaaaaand Boston Terrier sugar skull earrings. <3

What did you get up to in February?

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3 responses to “February Goals and Favourites”

  1. Denise says:

    I still think your style is cool, but it’s good to shake our ways a bit! Loved this dress, yellow and mustard tones are really great for our spirits, no joke. And I love the colour! So good that you had a nice birthday, and by the way, I loved the slippers 🙂 – that is real, I like genuine posts! And the ballerina print, oooh, so sweet! I will take a look at the engagement post you mentioned! Mine was surreal, as many things in my life 🙂 But that’s life, why not getting married in old jeans, or getting married at all? I may have liked to wear a wedding gown 🙂 But after all, I was in my jeans moment and that was fine 🙂 Maybe that’s why I like to check engagement and wedding posts 🙂 Hope you have a very nice day!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday, you wonderful angel person<3

  3. Jane says:

    Happy belated birthday! That yellow dress is amazing – I seem to remember you have another yellow dress and that looked so good on you. My February was very uneventful, haha.

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