Goals For My Late Twenties

March 26, 2017

pink cape, tweed cape, growing up, camden, coloured street, kentish town, pretty street, coloured houses, laila, tapeparade

pink cape, tweed cape, growing up, camden, coloured street, kentish town, pretty street, coloured houses, laila, tapeparade

Now that I’ve reached my late twenties, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to do. I’ve spoken before about how I’m growing up and becoming “the person I wanted to be”, however blase and Disney that sounds. But it’s true! Here are my goals for this new stage of life.

Sort Out My Notes

Oh, my, GOD. I have notes in four separate apps on both my computer, iPad and iPhone, none of which are synced, so that’s effectively 12 apps. On my laptop I have drafts in WordPress, I have notebooks filled with blog ideas and half-finished articles. I have hundreds of voice notes on my phone, notebooks of lyrics and chord patterns and just… ahh. It’s endless. You know those people who write about not having any fresh ideas? Or hitting a creative block? That is not me. I have hundreds of ideas per minute.

Finish Writing

So, no creative block AT ALL. MY block is getting from start to finish and not abandoning my current idea for something new. Many of my longer blog posts are years in the making – not because I don’t know how to write them, but because I start writing something new and get swept up with that. No wonder I’ve been sitting on releasing music for years. There’s even a few book ideas and two musicals hanging around in the unfinished ideas pile.

I’m also not a quitter; I write this blog with no end, or goals, in sight. My BFF James summed this up once; “your songs sound like they were written just because they needed to be”. What use is this kind of honesty and truth if the songs then sit around in your bedroom? Creating just for the sake of it is fine. But for me, from now on I want to draw a line underneath something when I’m done.

Wear More Capes

Look, not all heroes wear capes, it’s true – BUT THIS ONE BLOODY DOES. I bought myself a 1960s pink tweed cape last year as a birthday present from me to me. It was one of the best £29.95’s I think I’ve ever spent. Everytime I wear it I think “yep, this is me, I am a cape girl”. You can fit all manner of bags underneath one, it’s astonishingly warm, and that swish – oh! – that swish. When’s the last time you swished a cape onto the back of a chair?

I have an image of myself in my eighties, wearing a beret and surrounded by small children. (I don’t actually want kids so let’s momentarily put that obstacle to one side to one side). A small child with freckles pipes up, “Grandma, where’s your coat?” to which elderly me replies “Oh, I haven’t worn a coat since 2017 dear. I wear CAPES.” But I mean, why wait 50 years to be an eccentric old lady? Why not get a headstart now? This is the year I begin eschewing traditional outwear and start embracing capes.

pink cape, tweed cape, growing up, camden, coloured street, kentish town, pretty street, coloured houses, laila, tapeparade

Say More

Or rather, continue saying what I already do. Over the last few years I have been making a concerted effort to speak out, to call bullshit. To debate and converse and listen and learn. I have learned two things from this. The first is that the best kind of education is in quiet, persuasive arguments. And the second is that the more you use your voice, the better it becomes. As a child I wanted to grow up to be eloquent and well-spoken, like the intelligent people I admired in conversation. Slowly, I approach peak communication. What could be better than clarity?

Stop Reading Fluffy Books

I’ve been a voracious reader since I can remember and in recent years I’ve become guilty of reading a lot of what I’d call “fluffy” books. The rom-coms of the literary world, if you will. Books about young 20 somethings falling in and out of love; books aimed at teenagers; books rated by Costa or Richard & Judy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading those kinds of books per se. If you only read bestseller YA then that’s fine, crack on. It’s just I, personally, find it rare for those kinds of books to really set me alight.

I can think of only a handful of novels I’ve read in the last couple of years that have really stuck out to me. For somebody who loves reading, that’s kind of a sad thought. It goes hand-in-hand with around the time I stopped referring to my own list of “Books To Read”, and started relying instead on whatever was popular in the library or at the front of the bookshop. I want to make more of an effort to search out books that will inspire and devour me.

Sort Out The Categories On This Blog

“Clothes” is it’s own category, whilst race is lumped in with feminism and politics? There’s a whole category for Christmas? Surely life and growing up should be separate from death and grief? The categories on this blog harken back to an earlier time when I read no blogs and had no idea what people would want to read. Don’t even get me started on the Travel organised by continent (although seriously, travel bloggers, how do you sort this?). There’s a Television category? WHAT?


What kind of goals do you/did you have in your late twenties?


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9 responses to “Goals For My Late Twenties”

  1. Caitlin says:

    I love these, particularly the capes! For the reading goal-have you read anything by Lauren Groff? She’s the first author I’ve fallen in love with in a long, long time.

  2. Jane says:

    The cape is amazing. I’ve always wondered how people carry bags, aside from just in their hands, when wearing a cape? Do you just throw it over your shoulder underneath?

    I read my fair share of non-stimulating books, to be honest, especially when I’ve been stressed with life and just want something light to escape. I find using various literary prize shortlists a good way to start off finding heavier stuff (although some of it is just weird).

  3. I just entered the mid twenties, but my goals so far:

    1. Eat better, meditate more and exercise
    2. Enhancing my will power enough to stop using the I’m tired line at the end of the day
    3. Waking up earlier
    4. Reading more
    5. Definitely finishing one project before starting new one. I’m like you, no block, just zillion of ideas buzzing in my head like bees.
    6. Decluttering all aspects of my life
    7. Being happy as I am, not worrying about what future brings

  4. Denise says:

    I love your posts! And your goals! Well, lists and drafts, ideas, that is also my middle name 🙂 I also have thousands of things and when I see, I didn’t use them – a bit of a mess, but I now accept I am that way 🙂 But would like to be more organized 🙂 well, anyway, each day is a new day 🙂 Maybe tomorrow I will sort all, hope you can do it as planned 🙂 I used to have a voice and opinion about everything, and lately started exercising it again. But I want to be more quiet 🙂 So I hope you go on sharing your opinions, that is good, triggers thoughts. And capes! Yes, I love them! And your pictures are lovely, you look always very beautiful! I tell you, many times I think of quitting the blog – not a quitte either – because of fluffy blogs 🙂 It’s fluffy reading, too 🙂 I wrote about a great project (imo) this week, about diversitiy and being bullied and many people wrote “oh, lovely shoes!” OK… if shoes are more important than racism, what did the world we live in turn… Well, I value every comment, people give some time to visit me, OK, but… some words are still shocking 🙂 Hope you have a very nice week!

  5. Natasha says:

    First of all I love that cape, it’s so lovely and suits you beautifully! You look amazing. The one about your notes made me laugh, as that is me too. I also have to sort out my photos on my laptop and I have piles and piles of old travel magazines I kept to cut up to use in art journaling, and I still haven’t done that either! I always start each week with such good intentions and I never follow through so I need to make a list and get going on that. Loved the one about speaking out too, I do think it is important to debate and converse and encourage dialogue around different subjects, as I’ve already learnt a lot from reading other people’s, and your own, blog on issues like veganism and racism so I also like to see more of this, I never want to stop learning. – Tasha

  6. oh gosh, notes can get out of hand! // ahh I have so many partially written posts. I said I would get the majority or all of them done over spring break, but that totally didn’t happen 😛 Maybe I’ll get around to them over summer break?? // omg when I was little I was obsessed with capes, which is probably why I love blanket scarves so much. When I was little, one of my blanket scarves was so big that a classmate asked me why I was wearing my blanket to school 😛 // Reading less fluffy books was one of my unofficial goals two years ago. This mostly meant reading less YA. But I think lately my fluffy books of choice are thrillers 😛 // I’m totally down for a Christmas category :3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

  7. Laura says:

    i love your goals. would strongly encourage the note sorting, that’s definitely something i’m trying to do atm. i don’t think you’re stupid like me, but my phone crashed a while ago and i lost years’ worth of unorganized notes from some apps i’d not backed up! from now on i think i’ll rely more on my trusty notebooks, haha. the three last ones are all something i’ve been thinking of lately as well. although book-wise i’m just trying to get back into reading anything more regularly – i used to read so much but currently i’ve read one (1!) book this year.. and i love your cape! kind of want to become a cape girl, too. xx

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