April Favourites & May Goals

May 4, 2017

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Au revoir, April

Welcome to my April favourites! April was a weird month. I always find it feels super long what with the bank holidays and Easter holidays. Weeks are all a bit messed up and without a normal schedule it feels a bit like April has dragged on. By far the most shocking part of April was the announcement of the next General Election. I’ll be posting a bit more on this soon, but ICYMI here’s a thread I posted on voting. Check those RTs!!


I thought I’d include goals because WHY NOT. My main goal for this month is to launch a professional website. It’s something I’ve putting off for literal years. I’ve finally finished making it and this month will be the one I can afford hosting and domain and so on. My other goal this month is to make more videos. I love doing it but I put it off as I assume it will be too time-consuming..! Probably all the aimless Twitter scrolls could have added up into one amazing video by now.


Can we talk about the first episode of Rick and Morty Season 3?! It’s hard to believe there’s only two short seasons of Rick and Morty sometimes as there’s such a huge fan community. My friends and I met up at the pub the night the episode leaked for full, as it happened, discussion. If you haven’t seen it yet then head to Reddit and if you haven’t seen R&M before then STOP READING THIS AND SEEK IT OUT IMMEDIATELY. I’m not a massive fan of the very beginning (Anatomy Park onwards ftw) but just go watch it seriously.


I have just one book rec for this month as I’ve had such a busy month that I’ve had less time to read than normal! If you like thrillers then you MUST read “Based On A True Story” by Delphine de Vigan. It is incredible! I’d describe it as a literary psychological thriller. Despite reading like a memoir at first, the author tremendously blurs the line between truth and fiction. It really made me think a lot about the art of writing a story, and about how much power lies between the author and the narrator. A thriller that makes you think!


Life can be a bit cramped when you live your whole life in a room. My room doubles as home recording studio, rehearsal space and office. Add to that I share it with Ryan, three animals and about 20 plants and yeah, it’s a little cosy at times! Luckily I’m pretty good at space management and recently I’ve been trying to redecorate a little as well. It’s amazing what moving a few shelves or getting rid of some old bedding can do for a place!


I’ve retreated into boring clothes again this month. This is entirely due to dog-sitting and the sheer impracticality of a vintage miniskirt when running around after pooches. Although how nice is the vintage red denim pencil number in my top photo? At £15 that’s definitely been my favourite new item this month. The one purchase I do really need to sort this month is short socks (trainer socks? What are they called?). Send me your recommendations please!


And here’s some stuff I want. If you really love me then please click on all the below objects – they’re affiliate so it costs you nothing and I get to make 0.01% of a penny. Woop!

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  1. Priya Pappu says:

    I need to spend some serious time catching up on all the goodies on your blog- BUT, fabulous skirt! I’m a chronic dog-sitter as well. I have to wear a lot of boring not cool stuff when I babysit as well (not that you’re stuff is boring or uncool- but I get you!) Can’t wait to see your new website! I am so so so close to rebranding my blog! <3

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