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June 22, 2017

Welcome back!

If you’re reading this, then I want to offer you my utmost thanks for returning to this extremely neglected spot of the Internet. I’ve taken a long unplanned break from blogging. There’s been numerous factors that have contributed to this but the main one is: my laptop is broken. I know at this point most of you tune in for the words, but to me this blog is nothing without the photos! And my photos, and my photo editing equipment, are sat in a repair shop down the road. It’s not great, but it will get solved and in the meantime I’m going to try and plug the gap a bit.

It’s hard for me to know if anyone will come back to read this, and if so, what they’ll be looking for. The two previous times I’ve had a blog hiatus I welcomed myself back with a catch-up post. Generally I avoid reading these posts on blogs – they’re like blog carb, and I want the protein yo! Plus, I rarely, if ever, talk about my own actual life on this blog, so it’s a bit backwards to start now when I’ve been away so long. But why not just give it a go, right? It’s not like I can share much in the way of photo content, plus I’m slightly overdue on a May favourites post. (Just slightly). So let’s just have a big ol’ catch-up, shall we?

As it’s life, and I’m a human being, I’ve got great stuff and not great stuff. So let’s flush the shit out first.


Broken Laptop

The pen is mightier than the pixel, but goddamn the pixels are good. Work has been nearly impossible without a laptop. I’ve been doing a lot of practising and making a lot of pen and paper lists. I know it’s a temporary thing that will get fixed and also MASSIVELY a first world problem, but still. Appreciate your laptops, folks.

Brain Cancer

I checked in briefly to write my last post, about some of the most life-altering news I’ve ever received. Some of you left me nice comments and/or donated to the fund for Sally and I want to say thank you SO MUCH. Some of you also bought me coffees/left me tips and honestly, you can’t know how much that helped me (especially in my current work struggle). So thank you so much. That post is for sure not the last one on Sally. So far she’s started treatment and we wait to see how her body reacts. Cross your fingers!

Going Through Some Stuff

I don’t want to get into too much detail but if you’re a friend of me or Ryan then you might know some Stuff has Happened. Please all of you, if you need help, reach out and ask for it. There is no shame in going to the doctor, calling a helpline, downloading a self care app. Reach out to me if you want! I’m right here.

Voting Labour

Oh God, this is a sore spot- I had all these amazing election related posts that went up IN FLAME with my damned laptop. (Or went up in water-related motherboard damage for the pedants out there). Anyway, I trust you all did the right thing and voted for Labour, unless you live in a Lib Dem marginal, Brighton, an SNP seat… you get me. I can’t even begin to unpack what the hell is happening now. What is happening now?! Why is Theresa May still leeching around?! Where can I get an EU hat like the Queen?!!

Terror Attacks

There’s not much I have to say here. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know we have been wracked with attacks the last few weeks. The country feels beyond unstable at the moment and I’ve been chatting a lot about this on social media so there isn’t really anything more I want to sum up on the blog. It’s just desperately, horribly sad, and I am beyond angry at this stupid, grubby country and our failure to keep racists out of the spotlight. People were praising Piers Morgan yesterday. Really?? What the fuck, people?



I went on holiday!!! To Switzerland!! It was beautiful and not as expensive as you’ve been warned!!! We had a completely blissful time in Basel and Lucerne. I could have done without the terminal cancer diagnosis on the penultimate day, but that’s just life isn’t it.

Pitch Battle

This is SUCH a random one. I don’t know if any of you have a TV but there’s been adverts on the BBC for a new talent show called Pitch Battle. It features choirs from around the UK performing in front of a group of judges including Kelis and Gareth Malone. The host is Mel from British Bake-Off and there’s a riff battle a la Pitch Perfect.

I’m in one of the choirs! I have to be honest here and say I’ve never seen Pitch Perfect, or British Bake Off, or anything involving Gareth Malone. I’ve also never seen X Factor or Britains Got Talent or The Voice or any other of those massive primetime TV shows. (Fun fact: I did watch Popstars, bought the single, and then felt USED when Hear’say hit no 1, at which point I swore off any shows ever again). Anyway, I had no idea what to expect and you could say that kind of thing is “not really my scene”. It was actually REALLY, REALLY FUN TO MAKE. I had a great time! So if you’re into TV then watch out for me (I’m with The Notables)! 7:30, BBC1, this Saturday. I wish I could live tweet but I have a gig!

Oh Comely

Also fun- I’m in this months Oh Comely! Again I’m not a massive consumer of magazines but Oh Comely has been on my radar for years for its gorgeous editorials, diverse features and intimate feel. It’s nice seeing your name in print. I contributed to an article about hands and work, so you can also see a lovely photocopy of my left hand.


Lastly on the self-promo list: a couple of interviews with me have come out! The first is over at Magic & Musings where I speak about my work, but also a lot about my writing and blogging career. I’ve read a couple of the other interviews in Megan’s series, and she’s spoken to some really interesting people.

Secondly, I spoke to Hannah in an interview focused more on veganism for her excellent “This Is What A Vegan Looks Like” series. This interview came out about a month ago but what with everything else I haven’t shared it properly. I just need somebody to interview me about my love of houseplants and tall boys, and that’s literally all aspects of my life covered in interviews this year!!

Water and Sunscreen

I want to take a brief minute here to just seamlessly morph from “author of this blog” to “random ineffectual guardian”. The weather has been so hot in London recently and presumably most of the UK (?!). Here is your reminder to wear sunscreen and reapply through the day!

Also drink water! We’ve taken to having a communal jug in the fridge filled with water, lemon slices, mint and basil leaves and cucumber shavings. The house rule is you take a glass every time you open the fridge. Be like us! Stay hydrated!

Stuff I’ve Enjoyed (aka belated May favourites)

Fangirl – a book by Rainbow Rowell. Levi is a LOT like Ryan, although Ryan is ginger, a foot taller, and has thicker hair than most dogs.

OITNB – oh my GOD. If Uzo Aduba doesn’t win all the awards there’s no justice. I’ve nearly finished the series and I don’t want to say anything else because spoilers. Please talk to me on Twitter if you’ve finished it!

Monument Valley II – a game that made me cry.

Herbs – my parsley is dying. Tips appreciated!

Podcasts – I’ve got 22 hours of driving this weekend. 22! Hit me up with any and all podcast recommendations please and thanks.

Thank you so much for reading, it means the world. I won’t leave it so long next time!



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6 responses to “Life Lately And Other Stories”

  1. Jane says:

    Good to see you back around here! Sucks about your computer 🙁 hope things start looking up.

  2. I am glad to have you back, lady.

    Do you listen to Politically Reactive? That’s the podcast that’s playing as I leave this comment, so it’s the first one that springs to mind.

    Looking forward to seeing you on mah telleh on Saturday.


  3. Priya Pappu says:

    Girl! Good to see you around here, I’ve been thinking about you! Sounds like things have been all over the place :/ sorry about the tough stuff. Switzerland sounds amazing. Also I am living for that picture of you in the choir show thing which sounds incredible!!! Is there any way I can watch it across the pond? Sending you love!

    Priya the Blog

    • Laila says:

      Thanks lovely! I don’t know, I assume no as it’s on terrestrial TV but there will be clips in YouTube and so on I’m sure! X

  4. teeateiza says:

    I’m sorry about your laptop, i hope it is well and truly on the mend and you have backed everything up 🙂 Wowzer thanks for the life update, you have done a lot of incredible things wahay!!! Ooo podcasts to recommend if you are still interested:
    #1 The Receipts podcast (heard it is real good)
    #2 My Dad wrote a porno (Alice Levine from Radio1 is in it)

  5. Kim says:

    I took a year break from my blog too so good to see you writing new content
    also the fact that you don’t watch popular tv and were on a massively popular show is awesome!!! and congrats on the articles and all the loveliness!

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