The Blog Race: Meet Your Finalists

September 10, 2017

Alright! Welcome back to your OFFICIAL #TheBlogRace coverage. Tonight’s installment features something very exciting – the list of finalists! Vix and I investigated over 300 different blogs. We were overwhelmed with applicants and discovered SO many amazing new blogs that editing the finalists down to 15 was a hard task indeed.

We’ve tried to pick a variety of bloggers; some are very well known in the blogosphere whilst others may be new gems you’ve never heard of. Hopefully, you, the audience, will be able to judge all our competitors on merit alone whether they’re an old favourite, or if this is the first you’ve heard of them! In no particular order, let’s reveal the Top 15!

BKY ROUNCEFIELD – by Becky – by Becky

I initially thought BKY Rouncefield  was one of the most beautiful homeware and interiors stores I’d ever seen before I realised it was actually a blog filled with the most stunning home photography. Becky’s blog is colourful and creative, and her photos showcase her eye for detail. We also loved her voice; she’s funny, self-deprecating at times and always warm and friendly, whether she’s chatting about blogging, sharing design tips or sharing a deeper look at life.

Sample Blog Post: A To-Do List For The Soul

Epiphanniea – by Annie

Epiphanniea was a new discovery for both of us. The first thing we noticed was her beautiful layout. Having looked at literally hundreds of blogs we saw a lot of very similar layouts, so to find one that jumped out at us was really exciting. We also fell in love with the beautiful photography; when partnered with in-depth reviews we knew wanted Epiphanniea in our final 15. Plus, who didn’t want to learn what a Disneyvore was?

Sample Blog Post: Kat Von D Hawkwind Everlasting Liquid Lipstick Review

Dippy Writes by Albertine

Dippy Writes is firmly in the beauty blog camp, but Albertine’s unique and distinctive voice really stood out from the crowd. Her posts are equal parts self-reflective, witty and informative. Between her round-ups of tips and her insightful essays on the beauty and blogging industry, we were entranced. We also fell in love with her easy to navigate layout, and her colourful and fun-filled instagram.

Sample Blog Post: Why I Stopped Photoshopping The S*** Out Of Myself

Lauren Evie – by Lauren

Lauren’s blog is a mixture of fashion, books, mental health, and feminism. We were impressed by Lauren’s layout and interesting mix of categories. Throw in some gorgeous photos and articulate prose and we were pretty sure we’d found a finalist. I’m a particular fan of Lauren’s writing style; I appreciate longer blog posts and especially those that feel like they really cover a topic thoroughly, rather than introduce an idea and flit off again.

Sample Blog Post: Is Loneliness Addictive?

KTMY – by Katie

KTMY is another standout new blog we discovered via #TheBlogRace. I’m fairly sure I wrote in my notes to Vix, “I’ve been on the site for two minutes and I’ve learned about 10 new things”. KTMY is a blog about fashion, travel, life, and ostomy. It’s a unique mix of topics, and we felt like we learned more about living with a stoma whilst also getting to know Katie and her colourful life. KTMY strikes a perfect balance between topics and we’re so glad to have her in the final 15.

Sample Blog Post: Going To University With A Stoma And Chronic Illness

Mr Luke Christian – by Luke

We definitely were on the lookout for a chic, minimalist blog to go into a final line-up – and MrLukeChristian really fits the bill. A crisp and clean layout coupled with gorgeous glossy images makes for a winning combination. You’ll find reviews, grooming, style, and the occasional lifestyle post on Mr Luke Christian. Any blog that has carved out a niche is a winner for us, and MrLukeChristian is a unique combination we are sure you’ll get on board with!

Sample Blog Post: Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

Delicately – by Cherie

Delicately is a truly beautiful blog – from the layout, to the content, to the stunning photography. We adored Cherie’s dreamy Instagram and her distinct blogging voice. Posts are a mixture of travel, beauty, hauls, lifestyle and longer essays on topical issues. The overall feel is cohesive and warm, thanks to Cherie’s reflective writing style and her beautiful photography.

Sample Blog Post: Finding The In-Between In Life

Colfessions – by Colette

The first thing we noticed about Colfessions was the most recent post, “Why I’m Losing Respect For Jay-Z”. Straight away our attention was grabbed and we wanted to read more. Honestly, that was kind of rare – content that truly grabs you can be hard to come by once you’re 250 blogs down! Colette’s writing is smart, insightful, and intelligent without being patronising. Coupled with her diverse content we were hooked!

Sample Blog Post: 21st Century Misogyny – Rob Kardashian

Teatime With Naomi – by Naomi

There’s something undeniably gentle and soft about Teatime With Naomi. It feels like you want to curl up with a cup of tea whilst you browse Naomi’s archive. We fell instantly in love with Naomi’s beautiful photography and stunning Instagram feed. Alongside Naomi’s obvious creativity, the mix of personal content and well thought out posts meant that overall we were very taken with this blog.

Sample Blog Post: Why Do Women Orgasm?

Hello Miss Jordan – by Jordan

Hello Miss Jordan is a lifestyle and fashion blog created and written by Jordan. Jordan descibes herself as a “real-life Disney princess”, and her blog aims to celebrate the little things in life. We were impressed with her regular posting and sleek photography. Add to that her meticulous planned and fantastical Instagram account, and we had a finalist!

Sample Blog Post: Mischief Managed

Bethany Ashley – by Bethany

Bethany Ashley feels wholly personal and welcoming whilst also feeling incredibly professional. It’s a well-structured and cohesive blog filled with truly original content and insights into Beth’s own creative work. We loved the glimpses into Beth’s life and the creative processes she shares on her blog – plus, check out her stand-out posts on feminism! With a podcast, magazine and ebook to boot, it’s clear Bethany is bursting with creativity and we can’t wait to see what she makes of #TheBlogRace challenges.

Sample Blog Post: My Feminist Checklist

Chloe Witty – by Chloe

Chloe’s blog is a mixture of classic categories such as lifestyle, beauty and style, alongside more unique posts on psychology and UK travel. Chloe’s writing is friendly and engaging, and her posts feel like you’re having a chat with a friend. We enjoyed the diverse mix of categories and her trademark witty writing style, and we’re sure you will too!

Sample Blog Post: Red Gingham

Sophie Kathleen – by Sophie

Sophie Kathleen was one of the last submissions that we looked at, and we knew we’d found something special. Sophie’s branding is on point – check out those little lilac flourishes! Sophie Kathleen mostly covers mental health, selfcare, and wellness – plus the occasional lifestyle post. We loved how Sophie covers mental health – it’s a popular topic in the blogging world and we felt her approach was really fresh and unique, both personal and to the point.

Sample Blog Post: My Panic Disorder Diagnosis

Music Geek Online – by Tajinder

The first thing we liked about Music Geek Online was the beautiful photography featured in the blog’s layout. From there, we were drawn to the amazing mix of categories (we need more “Empowerment” categories in the blogosphere”), Tajinder’s warm personality and her gorgeously written posts. Throw in a truly fresh instagram theme and we had a winning combination on our hands.

Sample Blog Post: Establishing Identity

Laurzrah – by Laura

Rounding out our fifteen amazing finalists is the lovely Laura. Another of our favourite standout layouts coupled with eye-catching photography – what’s not to love? We loved Laura’s gorgeous flatlays and beauty posts, as well as her brilliant blog advice and tips. Also, she’s recently launched a blog photography guide, so we can all get stunning images like hers, woop!

Sample Blog Post – Five Ways To Promote Your Blog Posts

Congratulations to all our finalists – we can’t wait to get started! Thank you so much to everybody who entered, we would have loved to have featured you all but the competition would have been about three years long. Don’t forget to follow Vix and I on Twitter to stay updated, and have a great time browsing our top 15!

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  1. Beth Ashley says:

    Love what you wrote about my blog! Thanks so much for making me a finalist!

  2. I did take a look at all, and I have a favourite now! Loved the initiative!

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