Snapshots of Basel

September 15, 2017

Basel, Switzerland

Alright! I went to Basel allllll the way back at the end of May. A broken laptop and some misplaced memory cards mean that I’m just getting around to sharing the city now. This was my first trip to Switzerland, and I wasn’t sure what to expect apart from high prices and incredible air quality.

Turns out this city is absolutely beautiful.  I know a lot of you are colour-lovers like me; Basel has got you covered. From the beautiful buildings, to the incredible architecture, and the Rhine charting a course through the middle of the city, we really fell in love. When I think of Basel, I think of warm sunshine hitting my legs as I sat by the Rhine, soft twinkly lights as I strolled past all the restaurants each evening. The sound of acoustic guitars and clinking glass bottles and gentle breezes. Shadows cast by the tree leaves over the cobbled pavements. Cold pints of beer on slatted wooden tables, accompanied by the sound of a fountain to our left.

It is a charming city, quiet and peaceful. There are many museums and galleries, but it’s equally lovely to walk through the winding streets and stop to look at the painted doors. Being around so many historical places of interest was incredible. We regularly spotted buildings that dated back to the 1400s and earlier. How many different people have walked through that door? In our travels around the city we discovered a flea market, a fresh flower stall, and an outdoor puppet show. Just walking around this beautiful, colourful city in the daytime felt both exhilarating and relaxing at the same time. How many cities can conjure up that dual kind of magic and ambiance? Each night, we walked across the bridge and up a winding path to our temporary home, pulling the shuttered windows closed, and feeling the still night air on our cheeks.


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  1. You always find the prettiest places. Basel has never been on my wishlist, but seeing it through your eyes means seeing it in a whole different light <3

    Lis / last year’s girl x

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