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September 20, 2017

This is probably the most bizarre blog post I’ve ever come up with but here me out! For those of you Moomin-lovers in London, I give you: London Moomin News. I’m constantly banging on about my deep love for both the Moomins, and their creator, Tove Jansson. Everytime I see a piece of Moomin-related info, I tweet it out. I’ve decided to collate it for once as I know there’s a few other Moomin fans out there. Normal content resumes tomorrow!

Villain In The Moominhouse

As part of the literary festival “ArchWay With Words”, there will be a reading of Tove’s final Moomin book, “Villain In The Moominhouse”, which has never been published in English, accompanied by projections of her original artwork. The work has been translated by Ant O’Neill, described as a “Moomin historian” on the site here. The event takes place at 6pm, Archway Library and is free to all! See you there.

Moomin Christmas Goods

Moomins and Christmas go together like rye bread and lingonberry (as I’ve discussed before). Moomin advent calendars have just gone on sale – you get a different Moomin character behind every door! The Moomin Shop have also just got the first bits of Christmas range in (I love these Midwinter napkins). Also, over at Scandinavian Kitchen, Moomin Winter Coffee is in stock! YAY. We are big fans of the Moomin coffee, although brace yourselves for ‘hilarious’ comments such as “so has it got Moomins in”.

Snorkmaiden Is Black Now

This is quite old news but I’m still including it. I’m sure you’re all excited for the upcoming Moomins TV series (I have such fond memories of the 90s anime). Hats off to the production company for such a stellar cast announced last week. Will Self is perfect. Also, Richard Ayoade! I’m hoping Ghost refers to the actual Ghost character, and not the Groke (who is female). Plus, Akiya Henry! Snorkmaiden is black now, and nobody can take that away from us.

Tove Jansson Retrospective

Dulwich Picture Gallery will be presenting a major retrospective of Tove’s work this Autumn. The exhibition isn’t open for another month, but you can buy tickets/start getting excited now. Undoubtedly there will be Moomin representation as part of the exhibition, but you will also be able to see some of Tove’s beautiful paintings. I am a huge fan of Tove’s non-Moomin work; if you can’t quite manage the trip to Finland then this seems a very thorough place to start exploring her work.


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  1. ramblingmads says:

    I love the Moomins. I want to visit the Moomin place in Finland and Japan. My partner bought me the dvds of the original series and they’re so comforting. I think it’s because Moominmama and Moominpapa are so dependable. I will definitely be checking all of these things out.

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