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October 30, 2017

Let’s Stalk

NBD guys, I’m just down on the farm, picking corn. You know, the usual. I find it hard to weave in my day-to-day life organically on the blog – I think in the years I’ve been blogging, there’s just a handful that act as dedicated chat. This is one – so, let’s catch up! At the moment, I’m in the last few weeks of “normal life” and am trying to soak up as much normality as I can. From mid-November, I’ll be away for about four months on three separate trips. It will be the longest I’ve been away, and I can’t wait! First I’ll be off on a very special trip around the med, and through December, Ryan and I will be in Cuba by way of Amsterdam.

It’s been important to make the most of London before I leave; lots of walks in parks, visiting exhibitions and catching talks and shows by (and with) people I love. And clearly, a trip to a field of corn! There’s so much to see in London and it’s easy to take it for granted! I’ve also been trying to shift my career a little further towards writing; I feel like blogging and writing are two separate things, and making time for both can be tricky at times. A friend commented to me recently that some life news I’ve had would make “great content”. That’s so bizarre to me because I don’t often think of my actual life as a source of “content”, although I know a lot of bloggers who work primarily in that way. If we all blogged the same way, it’d be super boring, right? It’s fascinating to me to compare the different attitudes that make up the blogging world. What one person thinks is obvious content might seem completely trivial to somebody else. Truth be told, I don’t particularly think of myself as “producing” content at all.

A-Maize-Ing News

Yesterday I received the news that I’ve been nominated for Next Big Thing award at the Thirty Plus blog awards. To say I’m excited would be a HUGE understatement. I’ve never put myself up for an award before, because I’ve never been too sure where I exist in the blogging world. Like: what am I? Is this a travel blog, a lifestyle blog, a vegan blog? A race blog? Do they exist? People bang on about niches all the time and I’ve never really had one. Quite a lot of the time, I feel like a bit of an out the box blogger; there are no flat-lays or listicles, I talk about diverse topics that aren’t very “bloggy”, and frankly, I’m terrible at self-promotion and SEO and all the rest of the things that the big bloggers use.

That somebody (or many “somebodies”) has noticed the work I’ve been doing, and given me their nomination, and I’ve made it to being a finalist, is incredible. It’s just incredibly validating. I’m most definitely the runt of the litter category-wise; and it feels me with joy that I’d be deemed worthy of the company of my fellow nominees. So I wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you that voted for me. Voting is now open to choose the winners of each category: if you would like to cast your votes for the winners, then obviously I will love you forever and would thoroughly appreciate it. Click here – it will take you 20 seconds maximum! Thank you! X

Thanks for reading all the “corny” puns. Total banter, mate. Children Of The Corn Part II coming very soon. Pics of Ryan included because who doesn’t want to see a 7ft vegan holding a runner bean?

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  1. Jane says:

    Very excited for you for the trip and the award nomination! Congrats!

  2. […] for the Next Big Thing award in the #ThirtyPlus awards and I would love your vote! For more info, read here and to vote, click here. Thank you. […]

  3. Lol, your subheadlines are totally so witty! I wish I had the same wit as you. Love the pics, btw!

    – Myrra,

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