In Cadiz

December 5, 2017


In Cadiz

It seems bizarre that I was in Cadiz just a couple of weeks ago on a day that was filled with such light and loveliness. The last few weeks have flown by, and I’m writing this now from my freezing room in the midst of bleak, wintry, darkness; sharing these photos that are bathed in the kind of orangey light one only finds in Spain. As I have so many cruise posts to share, it would be foolish to try and write some kind of “24 hour” guide for each destination. I know those posts are popular, but I didn’t want to frantically note down each thing we did on our days as we lived them, and anyway, I’m not that kind of blogger. So I will just tell you what I did and I think that will be more than enough.

Cadiz was our first port of ten; we left the safety of the ship after three days at sea and found we swayed around the town in the absence of waves. We walked through the plaza and ventured into the beautiful cathedral, bumping into all the friends we had made on the boat. It’s a curious thing to form a little community that follows you into all these new places, making them feel very familiar.

We drank black coffee in the sunlight and marvelled at how little clothing we needed despite the fact it was the middle of November. We marvelled at the miracle of 4G; our phones suddenly flooded with messages around the same time we had begun to suspect social media of being altogether more unimportant than previously known. We made use of the phones instead by calling Sally about an accessory shop we found, shortly before we bought turbans and matching gold crowns. At lunchtime, we bought food from a supermarket which culminated in Charlotte eating one bit of some sort of raw sausage before throwing the whole thing in a bin.

Later, Charlotte and I snuck off in search of cheap earrings, cash points, and dogs; we climbed up five flights of stairs to look out over the city from the Torre Tavira. I counted as many of the 129 watchtowers in the city as I could. On our way back to the ship, the sun was setting, and everything looked so perfectly sierra that we were almost late back to the ship because we were trying to document it all. We got back in relief, arms full of purchases and legs happy to be swaying again. And that was Cadiz.

I’ve made a video which you’ll find embedded below. I’d love you to watch it!

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4 responses to “In Cadiz”

  1. Denise says:

    So many towers, so much beauty, and biscuits from my childhood! Cadiz is a wonderful place, so glad you went there! Wishing you a beautiful week!

  2. Jane says:

    Cadiz looks beautiful! I’m sad I didn’t go when I was in Spain. It actually doesn’t look European from these photos – I would’ve guessed Latin America or even Africa!

  3. Demilade says:

    What a beautiful town! I have a thing for old buildings , cheery colours and cobblestone paths! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  4. Jaina says:

    Beautiful photos. Going to show some of these to some family members—heading to Spain for a few days, looking for cities to go on day trips to. I visited Cadiz years ago when I was only a kid. Would love to go back and actually see it again. The Moorish influence there is so interesting.

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