2018: Be Better

January 1, 2018

Keep a jug of water next to your bed. Clear out your clothes and anything that doesn’t immediately make you say “yes I love that!”, get rid of. Make a list of ten people you’ve lost contact with and send them a short message to say hey. Hold yourself to higher standards: be better. You know you can do more, be more, achieve more. Last year you wanted to eat less meat, but then you had three wines and a kebab seemed your only true wish. We’ve all been there. This year, honour yourself. Make decisions you’ll feel proud of in a week. Buy a reusable cup, find a spot for it in your bag, and then delight in how easy it was to remember to take it out.

Let this be the year you spend time learning about you. Keep a diary and find out where your thoughts linger most. Ask your friends what they most admire about you. Did you guess the answers correctly? It’s 2018 and time to find out how valuable you are. Accept yourself; explore yourself. Write down your dreams and google the meaning, or read your horoscope traits and decide if they fit. This is the year you can grow; figure out your best assets and put some time into them, or write down your flaws and some ideas on how to simultaneously improve them and accept them. You are worthy of your own love.

This is the year to invest in your health. Buy the freshest food you can, or start growing your own. Stop putting plastic in your body: ditch plastic water bottles, toothbrushes, plastic applicator tampons, anything that leaves tiny microparticles of plastic. Refuse it. You are a natural being and you deserve the company of organic matter: get a glass bottle or a bamboo toothbrush and be amazed at how much nicer they, and you, feel. Find a therapist you can afford: local or online, and if you’re under 25 take advantage of the free counselling sessions you’re eligible for. If you can’t afford therapy on the regular, save up and go when you can; once a month, or once every two months. Future you will be grateful. If you’re not ready for therapy, download an app and track your moods. Track tour cycle, track your habits, learn the patterns your body makes. Go for a smear test if it’s been a while, and get all your moles checked. Make your font slightly bigger to help your eyes, and start flossing everytime you brush.

Lastly, let this be the year of worth. Do things not because of what it might get you, but for what it will be worth. Decide on what things are worth to you, and then focus on the big ones. Make every action one you can look back on and think, yeah, that was worth it. Stop being half-hearted; the more you try to be sure when you’re ultimately just not, the more stress you create. Just stick to what you know is worth it, so that even if you take a risk that doesn’t pay off, you know you tried wholeheartedly and did what you thought was worth it at the time. And love yourself; ask yourself every night what am I worth? Don’t stop until it’s something you’re happy with. It gets easier the more you try.

Because this is the year to give. Be giving. Buy two coffees instead of one and give one to a homeless person. Donate five minutes of your time to a person in need you meet online. Spend the cost of a coffee on the first healthcare bill you find on just giving. It feels good. Give yourself space, and let others into that space too. And give, give, give what you feel you can of yourself: your words, your view, your two cents. I give you my advice, in this post: the words and thoughts I live by, that I lived by every day of last year and will do every day of every year. I give you an account of the life I lead; and if you take it, I hope you’ll be encouraged to give something to somebody else.

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4 responses to “2018: Be Better”

  1. Laura says:

    what a lovely post – loved reading this. hope everyone will make 2018 even a bit like this and that you’ll have an amazing year! xx

  2. Novreica says:

    This just simply amazing writing.
    Happy new year, Laila! x

  3. Gorgeous piece here Laila – it’s left me with lots of thoughts!


  4. Very much on board with all of the above. Also I did *not* know that I was eligible for free counselling. Happy New Year, girl!

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