25 Easy Ways To Grow

March 31, 2018

A Bank Holiday

Growing up, Easter was never a particularly interesting holiday. Sure, chocolate eggs, and time off school, but other than that? It was just always a bit meh. Didn’t quite have the edge over Hallowe’en and Christmas. In recent years though, Easter has become one of my favourite holidays. And from the obvious ideas of rebirth and Spring, the Easter holiday has definitely become one I associate with growth.

Maybe it’s the promise of Spring. Fresh budding flowers everywhere that inspire me to bloom in my own way, too. Or maybe it’s the warmer weather, encouraging us outside and making everything seem a little brighter. It could be the distance from New Years; it always feels a big rush to hit the ground running in January with resolutions et al. Set some goals at the end of March and the pressures off, you know? So here are 25 easily achievable ideas for growth this Easter.

1. Recommend a book to somebody else.

2. Be optimistic about the weather and get rid of winter clothes you won’t miss next year. The tights that got a bit holey, or the skirt that’s a bit ill-fitting now. Bye!

3. Try a new recipe. Maybe one of those healthy vegan bowls you’re always pinning on Pinterest.

4. Have your fortune told, or check your astrology cards.

5. Create something you don’t normally. When’s the last time you drew a picture? Or tried writing a story?

6. Wash the curtains.

7. Offer a small part of your time freely. How often does this happen? Just find ten minutes and then offer it up: to your friends, your audience, whatever. Somebody will appreciate it.

8. Visit a flower market. You don’t have to buy anything, but just look at all the blooms this time of year!

9. Get rid of that bag of clothes you probably don’t want but has been sat around your house anyway. Sell them, donate them, gift them, just make sure they’re not in your house on Tuesday morning.

10. Spend five minutes lying down with your eyes closed and actively doing nothing.

11. Do a thorough clear-out of your animal/pet areas. When’s the last time they had new bedding or a cage re-shuffle? (This is obviously dependent on the animal: if it’s enrichment, go ahead, if it will stress them out then clearly don’t do that).

12. Read a poem. (This is one of my favourites for Spring).

13. Write a poem. Go on. It doesn’t have to be good, and you don’t have to show anyone. Just give it a go.

14. What’s one thing in the news you’re a bit vague on? Make some tea and spend half an hour reading up on it. You’ll be grateful later.

15. Find your nearest museum and go to the exhibiton EVEN IF IT IS SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN. You can leave after twenty minutes, and if you learn something new and broaden your horizons a bit, great. If not, whatever, you gave it a shot.

16. Unpack everything. Maybe there’s that final bag from when you moved in that has been a cupboard the last two months. Or maybe you haven’t emptied your handbag out for a good few weeks (read: years). Unpack it. Assess it. You’ll feel clearer.

17. Re-arrange a small section of your home: a shelf, a bedside table, a corner of the kitchen.

18. Repot your plants, if they need it. Spring is a great time for most plants to be moved, if they need it.

19. Open the windows all the way. If you get cold put a jumper on, just let the air circulate.

20. Go through the fridge AND the freezer and chuck out anything unidentifiable; bought in bulk and never eaten; belonging to somebody who no longer lives there; or off.

21. Have a digital clearout! Delete unread articles from Pocket, remove saved tweets you’ll never come back to, archive Pinterest boards you no longer need. And you may as well just delte Facebook at this point because manually removing yourself from groups is a BALLACHE.

22. Take advantage of Easter deals for BOGOF eggs and then donate the spare to a food bank.

23. Learn something new. This can be in five minutes. From a website, from a friend, from an online course: it doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s new.

24. Have a half-picnic. It doesn’t need to be a full-on hamper and rug session; just meet a friend outside and bring a sandwich. Eating outside is still a joy.

25. Rest. Go to bed an hour early and log out of everything. And let your full and aching mind recover, in order to grow.

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  1. Caitlin T. says:

    Love this, saving to do it<3

  2. Audrey says:

    I’ve never been a big about celebrating Easter, but I like this idea of making the most of it! 2. I’m tryinggggg. I got fed up with my ankle-length parka and have been wearing questionably-suited coats and feeling chilly in the evenings, but… I just can’t! I’ve also been leaning toward brighter colours to counteract the gloom. 6. I have never considered this before. I mean, my apartment doesn’t have any curtains. But if it did, I still don’t think I’d have considered it. Good point. 8. Oh this is such a lovely idea! 9. omg are you reading my mind?? I definitely need to get rid of that box of clothes one way or another. 10. I’m convinced. 16. Yes I always do this! I love it! 21. My friend did this at the beginning of spring break! I might get around to this once the school year is over. 24. Will definitely do this once the weather starts warming up! The idea of having a picnic is so… I can taste the freedom. I’m tired of being cooped up inside because of the cold! 25. Yes yes yes -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

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