FanGirl Style: My Favourite Moomin Accessories

April 20, 2018

So you want to wear Moomin accessories without looking like a five-year-old, right? Oh, ye adult fangirl. How do you incorporate your favourite characters into your daily style when you’re also a full-on adult? Most of us probably don’t have the option to dress in full cosplay for work, but at the same time want to incorporate our fave characters into our lewks somehow. It’s all well and good wearing a t-shirt with your favourite character on, but I like things that are a little bit more quirky, y’know?

Moomin Accessories

When it comes to accessories, I’m quite picky. I like big earrings, but I hate anything heavy or , so anything with lots of jewels or rigid materials is out. As much as I love the look of huge chandelier earrings, these tend to be either plastic or metal and it is not. the. one. Hence why I stick with my beloved gold hoops most of the time! I’m also quite picky with bracelets; anything chunky just bangs against whatever instrument I’m dealing with and I find it really frustrating. I had a big jewellery clear-out last year because in reality, I wasn’t wearing at least a third of what I owned due to impracticality.

So, let me tell you, when I found some lightweight, practical jewellery I would actually wear, and it featured Moomins? I was all over it. Bring on the Moomin accessories! It’s no secret that I’m a big Moomin fan. During my trip to Helsinki a few years back I spent a fair amount of time hunting out Moomin murals and vintage merch suppliers, even going so far as to compile a Moomin guide! Let’s chat pieces, shall we?

These designs all come from the Finnish company Coruu, who are female-run and female-founded (represent!), based in Turku, and make silicone jewellery, including an entire range of Moomin pieces. Coruu are currently expanding the line out of Finland so yes, there is cheap world wide shipping. I’d not encountered silicone jewellery but I’m definitely a convert; it’s lightweight, colourful and easy to wear. The earrings especially just feel so soft, I love it!

Snorkmaiden Earrings*

I have a special affinity with Snorkmaiden because a) she has a fringe and b) she’s always putting flowers in her hair. We are basically one and the same, right? Snorkmaiden in the books is always banging on about how she looks and how hard it is to look pretty and yeah, same, basically. I just love her!  I’ve actually been using the same Snorkmaiden hairbrush for about four years now (as seen in this post). These earrings are so light and they’re the perfect size – I love the detail on her tail.

Moomin accessories, moomin jewellery, Coruu finlandPrimadonna’s Horse Bracelet*

This is another item from the Coruu Moomin collection. The design is so intricate – it literally looks like lace, but it’s so lightweight and comfortable. If you’re not a clunky jewellery fan (like me) then don’t worry; you can’t even tell you’re wearing it. The material is washable as well (thank God because you know I’m going to spill food on myself at some point in the day). I also love this Hattifatteners bracelet.

Moomin Guide Helsinki

Check out my Moomin guide to Helsinki here!

Feather Earrings*

These next earrings aren’t strictly Moomin, but they’re also from Coruu and I wanted to share them as I think they’re so beautiful. In my teens I loved feather earrings but had issues with the ethics of the feathers and appropriation from tribal cultures. I then moved onto metal feather earrings, but they were so rigid and just knocked into the side of my head continually. Finally I have a pair of feather earrings which are soft and colourful and not remotely appropriative. I am CHUFFED.

Moomin accessoriesWhere To Find Moomin Accessories

First off, I’ve got a Primadonna’s Horse bracelet and pair of Snorkmaiden earrings (pictured above) to give away! All you have to do is follow me and Coruu on Twitter and RT this post, or follow and share my IG post in your IG stories (you can do both for an extra entry!). If you’re on the hunt for some more Moomin accessories then don’t worry, got you covered! You can check out all of the Coruu collection here – they have so many characters and tons of different colours and designs so there’s something for every Moomin fan! I also find a lot of my bits and pieces around the internet; I got the above Moominpappa pin in Finland, but I like this travelling Snufkin on etsy and this classic Moominpappa too. I’m into this wallet, and also these patches of different characters for some more Moomin clothing. I think my skirt could do with a bit of an update as it’s been five years since I made it! And if you don’t fancy wearing Moomins but still want to represent, there’s always the mugs…

Thank you to Coruu who kindly gifted me some items in this post, all opinions are obviously my own.

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  1. Cate says:

    Oh wow that bracelet is beautiful xoxo

  2. Laura says:

    i love the moomin jewellery! i’d seen them before but still hadn’t really been aware of the brand. now i really need to check them out properly because their other stuff looks cute as well! xx

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