A Fully Realised Woman: Empower Yourself

August 3, 2018

empowerment, power, powerful womenA fully realised woman, who cannot be contained, postponed, or confused. She is a woman with focus and drive, with integrity and honesty, and passion. A person who will not give way, or slot in, or acquiesce, but somebody who will decide, and create, and achieve.

I no longer want to say yes to projects purely for the money; accept things I can do if they do not serve me; scrabble to engage audiences fleeing. It sounds simple and obvious enough. But somewhere along the way what I wanted to do got too mangled with what I needed to do to get there. It is a luxury to do what one wants to do at all times. Most of us have bills that need paying, and commitments to family and friends, and of course, there is always the inescapable ennui of day to day life. The groceries, the clearing of cupboards, laundry.

But what about outside of that? In bending over backwards to try and accommodate what I thought I should be doing, I have completely missed what I ought to be doing. My goals are now singular: to understand myself, and share that with you. I have always liked myself. Unlike so many others, I have rarely (if ever) struggled with insecurities or imposter syndrome. My frustrations come when I feel I am not understood and my issue, therefore, is communicating myself.

So from here on in, that’s what I will do. Work out who I am, and then tell you all about. My purpose is self-empowerment, identity, cohesion with ones self. I am curious if you find yourself compelled by the same things and looking for the same truths? Or if you are at further point of alignment, or if you still figuring out how to draw your own outlines? I can say with certainty, that I am here, and I am sure of my place in this ground, and I invite you to join me as I continue to join up the dots.

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  1. Laura Haley says:

    I’m really enjoying the new blog Laila, it looks great and I like the direction you’re going. Sod making others happy, your writing is always best when you write because you want to. Can’t wait to read more.

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