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August 9, 2018

So, ICYMI, I’m up at Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the whole of August! You’ve likely seen me banging on about my show but just in case: Heather and Harry is a musical comedy about love. I’ve written the score, plus 7 original songs (ranging from Sondheim-esque love duet to R Kelly sexytime slow jam). Basically “Carry On Flight Of The Conchords”. COME AND SEE US 7:30 Zoo Charteris THANKS.

Fringe Of Colour

Whilst I’m up here, I’ve decided to undertake a FRINGE OF COLOUR which means I’ll only be going to see shows involving people of colour. (I’m especially focused on WoC!). There’s a few reasons I’m doing this. Partly, I want to support PoC/WoC as far as possible (in and out of fringe!). Edinburgh is notoriously huge and expensive, so logically it makes sense that I want to give my time, money and attention to the people I want to support most. I’m also interested to see how easy (or not) it is to only see shows which meet the requirement of having a PoC involved. I’ll be writing up reviews as I go!

I’ve been chatting about this experiment on social media, so if you want to follow along come join me there. If you’re up at fringe then support the shows you’ve seen by PoC and help raise awareness/level the playing field by also using the hashtag #FringeOfColour!

If you are a PoC with a show at fringe, let me know so I can come see you! And in the meantime, I’ve collected some resources for us….


PoC Directory

Jessica Brough has made an amazing document entitled Fringe Of Colour 2018. A detailed list of shows featuring PoC, with separate categories for comedy, theatre, music, and so on. (I think Jess also created the hashtag so props to her!).


August 11th: Women of Colour Fringe Meet-Up – organised by yours truly! This is a little informal one just to say hey to people I’ve been chatting to online for the last couple weeks and hopefully some new people too!

August 13th: Asian Artists Meet-Up organised by Tromolo Productions.

August 14th and 24th: Fringe Artist of Colour Meet-Up – organised by Shaina Lynn (also a facebook event here)

August 21st: National Touring – organised by Black Theatre Live

August 22nd: A Gathering: BAME Artists at Fringe – organised by Black Theatre Live


Check out Critics of Colour.

Exeunt and gal-dem are some of my favourites!


Great article by Bechdel Theatre featuring multiple shows of colour.

Support Facebook group for Artists of Colour by Shaina Simmons.

Milli Bhatia did a shout of for plays by writers of colour, specifically South Asian writers. Check the responses here!

Aaaaand Rachel Nwokoro put out a call-out for black womxn directors at Fringe. See the replies here!

Check the #fringeofcolour hashtag!

Trip Hazards and Hot Brown Honey have been consistently sharing other shows by WoC to go and see. (This graphic made by Trip Hazards).


This is obviously by no means an exhaustive list – please share other resources in the comments and pass this on to anyone you know!

—-I have made effort to contact everybody mentioned in the above piece and to credit everyone accordingly but if you would like me to remove anything or change credit/link etc, please just get in touch with me

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