Best Crystals For Performers, Actors and Musicians

August 20, 2018

The Best Crystals For Performers

Performing puts a specific set of demands on people; you’re constantly promoting and networking as well as needing to get in (and out) of performance mode every day. Even if you feel fairly balanced normally, performing regularly is like an energy rollercoaster and there’s a lot of fluctuating and varied atmospheres flying around. This is true even if you’re not at a fringe festival/touring and in a temporary house share with 5 other people or sharing a dressing room with 2 other companies! Whether you’re a seasoned crystal user or looking for a way to feel more grounded whilst in a busy show, I thought I’d compile some of the most useful crystals for performers.

Please note: this is not a definitive guide on each of these crystals – I’m focusing specifically on the positive traits for performers!

blue lace agate

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate is colloquially known as the “Actors Stone”. It’s ideal for helping you focus on line-learning, aids communication, and protects the voice. Pretty sweet combo, right? Agates in general are good for composure, and Blue Lace Agate is aligned with the throat and crown chakras, basically bringing your mind into alignment with your voice and helping you project what you focus on. Blue Lace Agate also helps you not to feel overwhelmed by situations and people – ideal if you get nervous before heading on stage!

red tiger's eye

Red Tiger’s Eye (Ox’s Eye)

Tiger’s Eye in general is great for creatives as it encourages you to step out of the box and embrace your potential, challenge yourself and use your physical abilities. Red Tiger’s Eye especially is connected to the body, and helps to dispel lethargy and replace it with motivation and creative energy. It’s an excellent stone for musical theatre performers, physical theatre actors and dancers. Tiger’s Eye is also a great stone for determination; helping you to be strong-willed and clear on your intentions. Great for touring! It also increases sex drive… (great for touring!)…

australian jasper

Mookalite (Australian Jasper)

I’ve found Mookalite to be a misunderstood stone; I personally use it as “my festival stone” but I’ve found it can vary a lot in different forms. Mookalite varies in colour; it’s a dark pink colour which can have pools of yellow, cream, brown and black, and tumbled Mookalite is very different to rough Mookalite. Mookalite is a stone for new experiences, living out of the ordinary and embracing the unexpected. Mookalite is great for balancing inner and outer experiences and is a useful stone if you’re going to be somewhere where all sorts of unexpected scenarios are likely to crop up (i.e. performing in a cabaret, at a festival, an under-rehearsed dress run… we’ve all been there!).



A really useful stone for performers – it has a very high energy, dispels apathy (ideal for that mid-run slump) and stimulates physical and creative energy. Carnelian is also useful for protection of the body (especially hips, liver and stomach). Carnelian also helps to stop blood from rushing to the head and keeps blood flow grounded, helping you to avoid the dizzy post-show rush.



Garnet is a great all-rounder stone for performers and really underrated as a performance stone in my opinion! Garnet is one of my favourite stones to use before solo performances; it is a naturally grounding stone and aids composure and self-confidence. If you want to feel like you got this in a calm way rather than a “WOOO LET’S GO PERFORMMMM” way then try using Garnet. Garnet also balances emotions and can increase flow of passion when needed; ideal if you’re feeling a bit lacklustre before a show. Garnet is also a good comedown stone; balancing energy and rejuvenating.

anyolite, ruby in zoisite

Anyolite (Ruby In Zoisite)

Anyolite is a naturally occurring combination stone consisting of Ruby in Zoisite. This unusual combination gives Anyolite a lot of distinct properties. It is great for helping you to reach and use your natural talents, and connects (unusually) the Heart and Root chakras, literally connecting your passion to your body. Ideal for physical performers and making sure you feel rooted and connected to yourself before heading on stage! Anyolite dispels lethargy and apathy and helps you to find a firm source of energy, whilst bringing awareness to your body’s needs. It’s an excellent stone for self-care for this same reason.

quanto quattro silica

Quantum Quattro Silica

Quantum Quattro is a combination gemstone, made up of varying elements (usually Malachite, Shattuktite and Dioptase in a Smoky Quartz matrix). It has a very high vibrational frequency and is associated with the Heart and Throat chakras. Excellent for intentional communication (….acting) and helps to align intentions with truth. This is also a great stone for intuition and reaction, and is great for helping your energy to feel consistent without going off balance (ideal).

Let me know if you’ve used any of these crystals as a performer and if there’s any you’d recommend. Break a leg!

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  1. Shibari says:

    Woah cool!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing and taking the time to write this up.
    I’ve recently made an album using stones.

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