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  • Why I’m Saying “No” In November

    November gets a bad rap, don’t you think? October has the creepiness of Hallowe’en, and December gets the glamour of Christmas. November can feel a little lacklustre. I think for me, November conjures up images of cold, rainy school mornings;…

    / November 9, 2017
  • Moomin News

    This is probably the most bizarre blog post I’ve ever come up with but here me out! For those of you Moomin-lovers in London, I give you: London Moomin News. I’m constantly banging on about my deep love for both…

    / September 20, 2017
  • Let’s Stop Eating Off The Vegan Menu

    The Vegan Menu If the title sounds a bit dramatic then hear me out, as I have a tragic tale for you all. This is the saddening true story of Campbell’s Canal Cafe. Campbell’s was a vegan eatery situated in…

    / July 2, 2017
  • January

    Sometimes I imagine my obituary; “she was a prolific diarist”. I’ve kept a diary every year since 2000. They’re not the most articulate documents but they capture my childhood and adolescence nonetheless. My middling thoughts. In the hierarchy of thoughts,…

    / January 11, 2017