How I Planned Two Months In Japan


    I’m currently in the middle (actually, about two thirds through!) of my two month trip round Japan. Today we’re going to talk about how I actually planned this trip. I recently posted about how I plan big trips, and this current trip certainly counts as a big one, although I didn’t plan it in the same way so it gets a post of its own! After I last visited Japan in 2015, I knew I wanted to come back for two specific things. Firstly, a long trip to travel round the country and see more of the various regions; and secondly, to come back for a year and live in one area. With those things in mind, Japan stayed on my “travel destination” list and I continued pinning images, reading articles and generally researching the country as I would any other place I want to visit. Obviously, despite the fact I had already visited! As a seperate thing, I also knew I wanted to live by myself for a few months by myself in another country before getting married. Continue reading

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