Growing Up, Race & Identity

    The Question Of Africa

    Africa has been a part of my consciousness since I was born. I can remember on day at school where the teacher explained the concept of the United Kingdom, accompanied by a map and four different flags. Or the day I first saw a map of Europe; “and these are all the countries!”. More maps, more flags. But Africa? There was no “and this place is called Africa!” moment accompanied by a point on a map. I just was always aware of this place; one of many vague backdrops in the vast world of My Heritage. Continue reading


    FanGirl Style: My Favourite Moomin Accessories

    So you want to wear Moomin accessories without looking like a five-year-old, right? Oh, ye adult fangirl. How do you incorporate your favourite characters into your daily style when you’re also a full-on adult? Most of us probably don’t have the option to dress in full cosplay for work, but at the same time want to incorporate our fave characters into our lewks somehow. It’s all well and good wearing a t-shirt with your favourite character on, but I like things that are a little bit more quirky, y’know?
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    How To Regain (And Keep) Your Eyesight

    how to regain your eyesight - tips on vision and eye health

    No, Seriously, My Vision Genuinely Got Better

    I know this sounds like clickbait, but I really have regained some of my sight! Last year, for World Sight Day 2017, I wrote what I humbly consider to be one of my BEST and most personal posts. The majority of the feedback was “OMFG WHAT ARE YOUR EYESIGHT TIPS”, and so, I’ve compiled a few and here we are!

    Now, I want to state that this is a combination of advice from my optician and general tips from around the internet/my parents. I can’t promise that these will work on everyone, but they have worked for me. If you have similar sight and/or eye issues as me then you might well find them beneficial! (For an in-depth chat about my vision, then have a read of my last post; otherwise just know I’m short-sighted). Continue reading

    Clothes, Ethics, Vegan

    Fast Fashion, and Avoiding the High Street

    Going Green

    Welcome back people! Long-term readers may remember I launched a “series” last year called Going Green, in which I tried to tie together my feelings concerning veganism, zero-waste and ethical living. It’s a complicated intersectional issue, and I think a lot of us are trying to live along similar lines without quite having the right terminology to bring us together. Anyway! I launched the series and then life got in the way. You know how she do. I’m relaunching today and there will be a new Going Green guide on the first weekend of every month. You can find all the past Going Green posts here, or in the link above (under features). 

    So, today’s instalment of my Going Green guide is covering clothes and high street shopping. My wardrobe is 99.9% not high street (pretty sure my sock drawer still has some Accessorize numbers hanging around). I reckon it breaks down to 60% vintage, 25% charity shops/hand-me-downs and 15% independent retailers. I’ve never been a big lover of the high street, but now I’m practically full-on against all high street shops. Most are riddled with all kinds of problematic behaviour I don’t want to support; the more I learn, the happier I am with my choices. I thought I’d write a little guide to show you what I do and why.

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    The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter in Osaka

    Hogwarts castle at universal studios japanZonko's Joke Shop, Hogsmeade, USJ

    Welcome to Hogsmeade! Whilst in Osaka I visited Universal Studios Japan, home to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’ve already posted about the rest of USJ, but Hogsmeade was so cool (and so photo-worthy) I decided it deserved its own post. Welcome to Hogsmeade! Like many of you, I’m Generation Potter age, and as a massive book nerd grow up with the original series. Now, I should be honest – I’ve quite a lot of issues with the films, author, and continued cash-in canon of the series. But I did truly love the first 7 books and I was super excited to be able to visit The Wizarding World at USJ!  Continue reading