How To Find Cheap Flights

    Check Into Some Cheap Flights

    Quick disclaimer! I’ve grown up flying (4 long haul international flights by the age of 2 hollaaaaaaaaa) but HATE the environmental effect planes have. Unless it’s long haul I opt for train/coach/car. These tips will likely work for a short haul flight but with costs so low, something else is paying the rest of the price, and I am not happy with the “something” being undervalued human workers OR the environment. I don’t want to tell you what to do but it feels wrong passing on tips for cheap flights and basically encouraging you to jet off, so, here’s to mindful travel! Anyway, on with the tips!

    Welcome to the TapeParade guide to cheap flights! If you’ve not gathered by now I LOVE travelling and exploring. I’m famously stubborn about flight prices (my Dad often says “maybe just walk?) but it’s led to me scoring some cheap flights through the years. I first mentioned some of my tips back when I talked about planning big trips, but here’s a more thorough breakdown! Here are my main tips for finding cheap flights. Continue reading


    Tokyo Disney Resort: Tokyo Disneyland Unique Attractions

    cinderella castle tokyo disneyland donald duck tokyo disneyland

    tokyo disneyland king louie at tokyo disneyland

    Welcome back to Tokyo Disneyland! My first Disney visits of the year were at my favourite park: Tokyo Disney Resort! This is the second time I’ve been and I just fall in love with TDR a little more each time I go. I’ve blogged before about the park and I thought today I’d focus on some of the unique aspects as I know most of you reading are either UK or US based and likely to be more familiar with Paris/the American parks!

    After visiting the Disney parks in Florida and Paris, I’m certain that Tokyo Disney Resort is my favourite of the Disney parks so far. I’ve got a soft spot for Japan anyway and I feel like as a location it’s uniquely well placed for a Disney park! I’ll be talking more about both parks next week but today, let’s focus on Tokyo Disneyland unique rides and attractions! I went to Tokyo Disneyland back in February and made a little vlog of the day over on IG! You can watch this (it’s about two minutes) for a bit more flavour here. Continue reading

    Growing Up, Lifestyle

    How To Make Friends

    Hola amigos! This has been a LONG TIME COMING! If you’ve been following me, you might have noticed there is a constant stream of people coming in and out of my life! I reckon I make a new friend every week or so, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have a core few people who have been in my life for years. I’ve always found it easy to make friends and whilst I don’t have a strategy for doing so, I’ve analysed the major ways I tend to make friends for the purposes of this post!
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    RuPaul Season 10: Eureka moment or biased Exchange?

    Heads up: spoilers for the most recent episode (10) of RuPaul, so don’t read if you’re not caught up.

    I don’t know about you, but I’d consider myself an ardent fan of the genius that is RuPaul’s drag race… until this season, when I started to feel MUGGED THE HELL OFF. Can we just take a minute to talk about the directors, editors and crew of RuPaul’s Drag Race s10? Ladies, I’m sorry, but you are up for elimination… from people I trust to entertain me. What the actual is going on?! The cracks are starting to show, the lace front is peeping out, and I can see the duct tape from a mile off. Can we just take a moment to break it all down?

    It hasn’t been easy to be a fan of RuPaul for a while. If we put aside the transphobia of both the show and RuPaul himself; the slow dismissal of anything that’s not hyper-glamorous and polished as “not true drag”; the ableism and cultural appropriation of various challenges; then yeah, we can convince ourselves that it’s a decent, entertaining watch. Mainly because, despite all it’s flaws, RPDR is funny, entertaining, and has used the platform to bring attention to various issues and communities over the years. There’s a lot to be applauded despite also having a lot to pick apart. But this season is really taking it to another level. And what’s bothered me most of all, more than the co-opting of a culture for a challenge, the use of an ableist prop, or how bloody boring Kate Upton was, is what’s actually going on with the Queens. I’m talking the clear pushing of an agenda and storyline. Why are they so desperate for Eureka to win? Continue reading